Good news and bad news

I went for a diabetic check-up and labs today. I was anxious since it’s been a year since my last check-up and I’ve gained weight and not taken any meds. Since these were fasting labs I was hungry and craving flavored water which did not help things. However I got good news and not so good news.

The good news is I lost weight. Earlier this week I had a 2 day stomach bug that prevented me from keeping anything down and that must have helped. I like to think it was from counting calories and exercising but hey, whatever. I learned I’m back at my fighting weight again. The holiday pounds are gone. I also learned my cholesterol and blood pressure are good too, though I didn’t ask what the numbers were.

The not so good news was my A1C, it’s a 6.8. That’s not good, not dangerous (yet) but a warning. According to my new doctor (one of the constants of the Indian Health Service) anything under a 7 is considered acceptable but it should be below 6 to be considered healthy. To my relief he did not prescribe a med but I have a new blood sugar monitor and strips. Yay. I’ll start using them tomorrow morning. I also go back in 3 months to see how I’m doing. My liver enzymes are high, I’m not sure what this means but a score of 37 is normal and I had a 50 but the doctor said we’ll just watch it, no need for meds there either. He was interested in my bypass and asked me about my surgery; how long it’s been, what type of surgery I had and how much I lost. He warned me I needed to do more than take sublingual B-12, that I probably need a shot and fortunately for me the clinic offers them. My B-12 wasn’t on the lab report.

I registered for the RX 5K next month so I’m committed now. It’s a 5K and 10K race and though it was tempting to go for the 10K I decided to play it safe. I need to start jogging outdoors more now, treadmill training is good but I need to get used to the feel of wind and sun in my face. Because I was sick and because I’ve been tired from getting ready for the move at work I haven’t worked out this week. I feel better now and plan to walk/jog at the lake this weekend. My office is closer to the clinic wellness center too and I hope to start going there after work starting next week. But tonight I am eating cheese bread.

The best news of the day. My nephew turned a year old today. Happy Birthday, Nathaniel
Bat Baby


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