Fitness boot camp

I found a free fitness boot camp nearby on, something  a friend suggested I look into. So I committed to going this morning and I am glad I did, even though my shoulders are a little sore.  I got up and saw it was raining outside but figured what the heck. The page promised a free smoothie post-workout and that was what inspired me to go.

My arms are weak, I’m not very strong and I could tell when I struggled to do push-ups. Each exercise lasted only one minute and that was the longest minute I’ve spent in a long time. I was glad that burpees weren’t on the list. The class was me and another woman, who was much stronger than me.  In a way that was good, the guy leading was able to help us find the right position and stance though she needed almost no help I certainly did. It was an effort, hard and I had some difficulty but I wasn’t discouraged. I’ve felt the need to challenge myself more and I know my arms need to be stronger so this was good for me.  The only disappointment was there was no free smoothie; it was an old promo they forgot to take off the page. I bought a cherry limeade flavored tea that supposedly burns calories and was quite good. Ironically I don’t think I could have finished a smoothie after this.

After I dragged myself home I waited for the rain to stop and went to my storage unit. I brought back a load of boxes and had a mini workout carrying them upstairs to my closet.  I’ll be heading out to yoga in an hour, there’s a special class being held outdoors downtown i want to go to. I’m not sure what to expect but I attended another class a few weeks ago, also outdoors and near downtown on a Saturday night. Here’s some photos from that. It was incredible, about 170 people came.  This time last year there’s no way I could imagine doing any of this.


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