cheese is not my friend

One of my co-workers bought me one a new “healthy” Egg McMuffins two days in a row, she loves ’em. She’s diabetic and we’ve talked about carbs and sugars and other fun stuff and she claims the low-fat cheese in these is better than the old unhealthy American cheese. Maybe. However I’ve learned that low- fat cheese and most cheese in general is not my friend. I’ve had a 2 day bout of diarrhea and I think it’s because of that stinkin’ new cheese.

Since my bypass I’ve found I don’t want certain foods (like meat, which I formerly loved) and have trouble digesting others (bread). I still haven’t tried carbonated drinks even though I’ve been told other bariatric patients can drink Coke Zero without any problem. I’ve always been lactose intolerant but eat cheese and just suffer the consequences (usually gas). Regular cheese and American cheese and I get along but low-fat cheese does not like me. I had a similar experience with Laughing Cow cheese, I had a little run of diarrhea (pardon the pun) and have avoided it since. This stuff has the same effect and I don’t know what ingredient or ingredients in low fat cheese cause the problem but I am too lazy to find out, I’ll just avoid them in the future.

I just had nachos made with swiss and pepper jack cheese while I watched the Wings dominate and decimate the Blackhawks. My body is still dealing with the scourge of low-fat cheese and this stuff might not be helping either but I had to have nachos, the occasion called for nachos. Four to one, and Monday night I’ll probably have nachos for game 3.


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