Laziness and (hair) loss

My hair is thinning out, I’ve found hairs all over the place and now I can see my once thick head of hair is sadly flat looking. My part now extends past my crown and it freaked me out when I saw this in a store mirror. I’m eating more protein and hoping I can nip this thing in the bud. My doctor warned me about it but I never thought it would happen and it has. Darn.

I am a lazy person, I don’t like to have to work too hard. I have been known to, on rare occasions but usually grudgingly and against my will. Which is why I have not been training as I should for the half marathon. It’s in three days and I should be more scared than I am. The fear will probably kick in around 6am Sunday morning.

On one hand I believe I can walk that bad boy but it will take me a long, long time. I hope to run part of it but frankly slackers can’t be choosy and just finishing will be my goal. Even if I am pulling in after everybody has gone home, though I hope not. It is my own darned fault, I can blame my location, work schedule, the separation, the weather and several other things if I want. I miss my old training path at the big lake near my old apartment and I have thought about going there to walk and see how well I do jogging. But it is some distance and very close to my old place, I know I won’t run into my husband but the proximity is a little overbearing. I have gone to the gym nearby and used the treadmills. Treadmills are great but deceptive, they make you feel like your’e a badass, racking up those miles easily, without hardly feeling any resistance. They don’t and can’t duplicate outdoor walking/jogging. There’s no wind resistance, no walkers or runners to navigate around, there’s no uneven ground, no extreme weather conditions. You are on a machine in an air conditioned room with a TV in front of you, for goodness sake. There’s even a place for your phone, mp3 player and a beverage. That’s not available when you are on a real course. You can stop anytime you like, on either treadmill or on foot but that’s about the only similarity. There are a few things I do like about the treadmill: it keeps my speed consistent and lets me know how far I’ve gone, have to yet to go and how many calories I’ve burned.  I appreciate the treadmill since  it’s about the only option I currently have but frankly it makes me feel like a wuss.

Yoga has been the only exercise I’ve been getting in, mostly because I’ve paid for the classes and I feel so good after. Even lazy as I am I can get myself dressed, I bought some new yoga pants and that’s motivation as well. Not the expensive kind, these are from Target.  I’m gaining flexibility but worry that might not be good for my jogging. Runners, I’ve been told, “real” runners have tight muscles and little flexibility. I hope I can have both, yoga is good for aerobic conditioning, it’s all about breathing, and there’s some strength training involved. I’m hoping that it helps me on Sunday, if nothing else being flexible helps prevent injuries.

After yoga I plan to hot the treadmill tonight. I feel better, my body is warmed up and there’s nothing good on TV anyway. If there was I might just come home. Wings and Stars both play tonight but neither one is on TV. I can follow both using the apps on my phone. Both teams should win but you never know. Then they play each other on Saturday but I’ll be at a banquet for my son. I’ll have to keep my phone on silent so the end of periods and goals don’t go off in the middle of dinner or worse, someone”s speech.


3 thoughts on “Laziness and (hair) loss

  1. I use biotin, and while my hair still falls out (not as bad as it did about 2 months ago) it is growing again and has more life now, I will say it took about 3 weeks of taking biotin to start to notice a difference, though.

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