Sunday update

I took some clothes to Our Sister’s Closet and felt better getting rid of clothes that are beginning to feel baggy. I also bought some new wind pants in a smaller size  for working out  so I don’r have to keep hiking them up in yoga class or on the treadmill.  I am glad to say I did the half handstand again last week, it was easier and I stayed up longer this time.

I haven’t weighed myself in nearly 2 weeks because I moved out of the apartment. I’m living alone now, across town in my own apartment. It’s been a long time coming and my husband and I are separated. I’ve told my family and co-workers but still haven’t told our son. He’s living in another country and I’m trying to get the courage to tell him, I don’t want to do it by email or texting and skype doesn’t always work.

I am still trying to do the same things and keep my routines but I haven’t walked as much since I’m not near the lake anymore and have only the gym treadmills to rely on. There is a park not far but it’s small and I’d have to circle it 3 times to do one mile. I still plan to do the half marathon, it is exactly 2 weeks from today.


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