I went to my doctor for my last appointment before he moves his practice out of state. I told him and the nurses I’m sticking with him, even if it means a 5 hr drive. He’s good and he and his staff are worth the effort. I also stocked up on protein bars. He said I was doing well, even now I’m still ahead of schedule on my weight loss even though I’m at a plateau now. I’m still 40-43 pounds down, which is good he reminded me. I have about 20 pounds left to go and he encouraged me, saying increasing my activity level is good but to eat more and eat more protein. Some of his patients stop eating or restrict their food intake when they hit a plateau and their bodies go into starvation mode and they can’t understand why they aren’t losing.  Also they begin to lose their hair and come to him confused and panicked  So eat, and for once I have no trouble following doctor’s orders. He did say the last 20 or so pounds are the hardest, the lower you go and closer you get to goal the harder and slower it gets, but hang in there.   He said my labs looked good even though my A1C is on the high end of normal. He’s not prescribing anything for it because the Byetta made my blood sugar drop and gave me the shakes til I ate some bread and peanut butter. I go back in July, they should be happily settled in their new offices by then.

I’ve moved and it means going to a new gym. It’s part of the chain I joined at Christmas and visited 3 times, but the layout is different and the treadmills are different too.  I found the trainer/dude on duty who showed me how to get started and did an hour while watching but not hearing Mob Wives.

I pushed myself a little more and it felt good. Partly because I was finished but the oxygen was flowing and I was sweating like a pig but it felt great. I went to yoga last night and that probably helped as well. Any movement, exercise makes me feel better, sleep better and makes the next workout less strenuous. I felt so good I thought to myself “Heck, I’m doing this tomorrow.” Then I saw the sign on the counter, they are closed tomorrow for training. So I plan to walk  outdoors, I’m going to the medieval fair, an annual tradition here then later walk at the park. The half marathon is in 3 weeks and I do believe I can do this thing but it will be hard. Probably the hardest thing I’ve done but I intend to do it, to finish the race even if it’s hours after everyone else has finished.

I have another more immediate challenge ahead of me. I’m going to Wal-Mart, because it appears I do not own a phillips screwdriver after all.



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