What I learned today–one year later

I did the Earlywine 5K for the 2nd time and what a difference a year makes, Mostly good differences but I am not all that either, as I had previously believed. I walked only once the week before and then I didn’t push myself. I figured since I can already walk more than 3.1 miles and lost 43 pounds I should be able to jog this whole thing. *snicker* Not quite.

This year was cold, the wind was blowing cold, the air was cold and though the sun was shining and it’s supposed to be Spring it was cold. I had my insulated jacket on, my earmuffs on and gloves. I forgot my sunglasses so I didn’t get to do my Yoko impression. I also got there early, carrying protein bars and 2 bottles of Crystal Light in my bag. I wore 2 pairs of socks.  I got my race packet and went to the car so I could pin myself. I forgot to peel the D strip, the little chip that records your time, from the back of my number. I saw it but for some reason thought it was separate and spent awhile looking for it before giving up. I found it after the race, when I unpinned my number from my coat. D’oh.

I wore the tech shirt I got from doing the New Year’s race  and when it came time to line up I hung near the back. They didn’t organize people according to runners and walkers or times, it was just a mass of humanity. I preferred it this way, it made the slower among us feel not so marginalized compared to the really fast and fast.

I started off jogging, a slow cross between a shuffle and trot and realized I probably should have stuck to walking til I warmed up. I felt winded early on, I had peeled off the gloves and made myself keep going even though the cold wind made breathing awkward. I was sucking in cold air and felt snot running out of my nose. I wiped with a Kleenex and the back of my hand, trying not to think about it and to keep going. I trotted until the 1K mark then walked awhile. I walked about 2./3 of the way and jogged 1/3 overall. I could have jogged more if I had started off walking but I thought I was in better shape and not walking the week before was a good thing. But I am not too down, I checked my phone after I crossed the finish line and saw I did it in 42 minutes, 12 minutes less than last year. And I didn’t get passed by any strollers.

Also the tech shirt I got is cool looking but I learned that tech shirts pull the sweat away from your body, store it and magnify it. When I got in my car after peeling off my coat I thought I smelled farm animals then realized that was me. Last year’s Earlywine entry and what I learned then, which I used (more or less) for this year’s race.



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