surprised and shocked

I went to the bariatric support group meeting tonight after my walk at the lake. It was held at the dr.s office and the group was smaller and subdued. I learned why soon after; my doctor is closing his office and moving out of state. He’s going and most of the staff is going as well. Their last day is April 26 and he won’t do any surgeries after April 12.

To say I was shocked is an understatement. Stunned is more like it. It came fairly suddenly one of the group leaders told us. He signed the contract with the new hospital last week and he’s out of the office this week but will be back next week. I can’t say I was too surprised, his office has been at odds with the hospital for some time and he did his surgeries at another hospital. I had my surgery at the other hospital, he was just renting space here. They even hired another doctor to run their bariatric department and while he is a competent doctor he doesn’t have the experience my doctor has. He’s done only a handful of surgeries compared to my doctor, who has done thousands and knows about the various and unexpected complications that can arise and how to deal with them. I don’t have the same confidence in the hospital’s doctor.

The staff has always been professional and good about answering questions. I knew there was tension between my doctor and the hospital but they managed to co-exist and I figured they would go on this way for some time. It wasn’t just the hospital the group leader said, changes in healthcare legislation (Obamacare) had some to do with it as well. We were told his office will be taking our files with them, if we want to continue to see him he’ll see us too. If we want a referral to another local doctor he’ll do that too. I am not sure but I think I’ll be making the four hour drive out-of-state to see my doctor, he’s that good. I have an appt in 2 weeks and probably won’t need to go back for another 2-4 months.

If there’s anyone here who lives in the Hot Springs, AR area who’s thinking of having bariatric surgery I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Russell Gornichec. He is an amazing, caring and excellent surgeon. He’s good-looking too, my husband even had a man crush on him. I just hate that he’s being forced to leave but the good people of Arkansas (heck, the bad ones too) will benefit.


8 thoughts on “surprised and shocked

  1. If you let this “doctor” touch you or any member of you family you are out of your mind. While my wife was in Critical Care Unit in Deaconess Hospital in OKC, two of his patients died while in CCU. He perfomed her surgery on 12/27/12, she made it 5 days before ending up in CCU. In those five days he was clue less on proper treatment. I’m an old army medic and I knew what was wrong. He so arragont that he never listened to us mortals. That includes patients or nurse snd refused to let consulting specialist come on cases.

    This story goes on for 4 months -121 days. She ‘died’ three times, he had no clue on what to do. Fired him and got a real doctor(s). She’s home now trying to learn how to walk again, her life is ruined, her career is over.

    Look on a website its the wedsite for oklahoma court system, just search for Gornichec. You will find about 10 or cases–Good luck

    • What ever became of your wife? Did she survive without further complications? Did you file a complaint with the medical board or did you file lawsuit? Just curious because we have had some negative results with one of my family members. He got run out of the small hospital in Arkansas but has moved to another one. It’s ridiculous.

  2. Wow. I didn’t know this. I am sorry for what happened to your wife, I hope she gets better and can heal. I was fortunate, my experience with The Gorn and his staff was excellent and the other patients I met were happy with their care. I’m not arguing with you or doubting you but this is the first complaint I’ve heard about him. I wish you and your wife the best, I hope she can be well again.

  3. He was fired from the Oklahoma hospital. He has about 10 wrongful death lawsuits against him. He RAN to Arkansas & soon he will be running from there too!! He is a horrific frankenstein surgeon!!!

      • Another user made the claim not me, but a google search would turn up more info. I had good results with The Gorn and no complaints but unfortunately not everyone had the same experience.

    • I would never recommend ! He did my lap band surgery and then five years later had hernia surgery and ended up in the hospital with A horrible infection from the surgery, he most likely knicked my bowel, although wouldn’t admit it. I almost died. He preformed another surgery to help the infection, in which he had to open me up from one end to the other. I was in the hospital for nearly 3 weeks. While I was there, I found out that everybody on my Floor/wing was one of his patients. I heard code blue called twice. He had to remove my lap band because of the infection. Since then I’ve seen another surgeon, who can’t do anything for me, weight wise, because he said, his words IT LOOKS LIKE A BOMB WENT OFF INSIDE YOU. When he found out gorniche was my dr, he shook his head, and we both knew what he was silently saying.

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