biggest loser

This is probably the most unfortunately named TV show in history. I admit I’m not a regular viewer, I did see one episode set on a Indian reservation at the clinic gym but that’s it. I do know the premise, overweight people go to a ranch, go on an extreme diet and exercise program and lose a lot of weight and hopefully get healthy and keep it off.

I mention this because I saw this online this morning. While I am awed by the changes these people have undoubtedly made and their bravery by doing it on TV I’m more surprised by something I noticed about the women.  I did a little math and I was stunned to find they all weigh about the same as I do,  A couple weigh more but yup, they do.  They look great and they seem happy. I’m happy for them too,  they’ve accomplished a lot. It is hard work and sacrifice is involved whether it’s done Biggest Loser’s way or by bariatric surgery. They deserve congratulations for achieving a life changing goal.

One other thing I noticed was all of them took their after photos in long sleeves and pants or skirts that fell below the knee, The before photos were in t-shirts and shorts. I bet I know why.  Loose skin, once it’s not full of fat and puffed up it hangs there. A friend told me the show pays for plastic surgery after the weight loss and gets rid of all that excess skin. I hope so. I know it’s an option I’m considering now when I look at my shar-pei body. Insurance rarely covers it, unless the excess skin poses a health risk like infections or sores. Mine is not that bad, it just looks gross.


Seeing this story was good for me too. I’ was bummed when I weighted myself this morning and found I gained 3 pounds, the same 3 pounds I lost 2 weeks ago. They came back but at least they didn’t bring friends, as they’ve done in the past. My weight loss has slowed, I have 17-21 pounds and one  more size down to my ideal goal. I’m anxious to get there and the idea I may not scares me and pisses me off. I do look better, even if I don’t look as good as the Biggest Loser people. I am healthier and feel better, I’m able to do things, like walking 9 miles, that I couldn’t do before. Last year at this time I was struggling to do 4 miles and make it through the Memorial 5K race. This year I’m going to do the half marathon, 13 miles. I am trying to focus on what I’ve accomplished and how much better off I am now compared to before, like these people. I don’t feel as much like a failure when I see these women who weigh the same as me and how good they look.  I know I’ll never be a size 2, I’m not built that way. If anything I might, at my best look like Pink, with a short, athletic body, smallish boobs  and strong legs, just older.

I saw this on bookpeople’s blog and went “awww” through the whole thing. Other women might like being called cougars but I’m a sloth. Like one worker says, they want to be happy and peaceful. Plus they are cute, smallish animals who do no harm and  don’t do mornings. I am definitely a sloth.


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