Valentine’s day

I had a better time in yoga class tonight, but my balance is still iffy. Sometimes I got it and sometimes I nearly fall over. But it’s OK, I’m trying to be less quiet and talk to people more than just listen. Like tonight I learned that Lululemon yoga mats have a funky smell once they get warm and there’s nothing you can do about it. I’m not likely to go there anyway, since their idea of a large is an average medium and I am a ways from that. Also their pants cost way too much, my thrift sensibilities would be offended by paying $100 for a pair of stretchy pants. As someone said, that’s getting pimped by a business.

There have been some melancholy changes around me. My aunt is still dying of throat cancer and at home, doctors gave her 10 days almost a week ago. She’s still hanging in there, hopefully she’ll outlast their predictions. A friend of one of my late aunt’s (I have/had several aunts) came by and we chatted awhile. Her husband has dementia and is in a nursing home and she’s having to handle a lot of things. Everything from taking care of the house to checking on him, his meds and treatments. She’s in her 80’s and said at one point “Well, we don’t live forever” after telling me how many of her old friends like my aunt and others I knew have passed. Another friend, her pastor’s mother, is in the hospital and not doing well. Even though all these people are in their 70s and 80’s it’s made me think about  how short our time really is and how things change.

Speaking of change, my sister is scheduled to give birth next week, she goes into the hospital on Friday and will have her baby. It’s a boy and they’ve already decided on naming him Nathaniel. I’m relieved, they considered other names before and coincidentally they were all names of professional wrestlers.

I’ve given up chocolate for Lent. Chocolate but not sweets, I’m not crazy. My weight has stayed about the same but I notice changes in my body, stuff is shifting around. My drawers feel loose and I’m going to need new bras soon. Things look different and my pants feel a little loose even though I haven’t lost weight. I’m on my period and feel a little bloated compared to a lot bloated but notice the cramps seem stronger and more persistent since the surgery. I took ibuprofen yesterday and today at work to keep from snapping at people. It worked, for the most part. I had nachos for Fat Tuesday. The tortilla chips digested well and I had a regular BM, nothing extreme. I don’t plan to have nachos often but it’s good to know. I had takeout fried shrimp today and I’m waiting to see how that goes.


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