I walked 40 minutes at the lake today, a little over two miles. The other day I did 5, walked a little further but regretted it. I felt good and not tired but my bladder rebelled and I had to make a run to the bathroom. So today was a short walk, partly because of the bladder business and because the wind was blowing cold and I was stupid enough to go without a jacket.

I had another mishap today. My drawers slipped, fell down while I was walking. My wind pants are a little big and I had to hike them up along the way. But the sliding underwear, that was a surprise. I couldn’t exactly stop and start digging around inside my pants so I kept walking like nothing was going on. For about half my walk the only thing covering my butt was those baggy wind pants, which I kept pulling up. I need to get some new workout pants too.

I’m thinking of looking for a new job, or a second job. I’m burned out on being a register monkey and I asked of of my co-wrokers how she got her regular full-time gig. I admitted I have few skills, can type a little but not much to recommend me. She said to check the want ads, it’s what she did for a couple of months. She said she didn’t have much luck with temp agencies, she got more interviews fending for herself and suggested I try the same. She mentioned a few places that do medical records and billing that might be sources but I’m a little unsure about just handing in a resume. But  guess it can’t hurt. The only concern I have is if I actually find a job and have to tell my boss but chances are it won’t be any time soon.  In the back of my mind I heard the psychiatrist saying how bariatric patients may try new things and change their lives. I remembered how I read online that patients find the confidence to make changes, do things they’ve wanted to but felt afraid to do before.  I remember thinking, “That makes sense, on some levels and for some people  but really, not everybody does this.”  I admit I was thinking more along the lines of skydiving and going on trips to the Kalahari.  But a new job comes under this heading as well.


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