of exercise, tacos and changes in general

I filled 5 Wal-Mart bags with clothes that are too big and donated them to Our Sister’s Closet.  Since I had some time to kill and they were having a half-price sale I bought a black and white skirt and a new pair of Aspiration Jeans. My current pair of Aspiration Jeans are loose and have to be hiked up every once in awhile.

I was feeling pretty good about myself and everything until I weighed myself and saw I gained 3 pounds. I was surprised but not too shocked, I’ve been eating more solids lately.  I was pissed off though and a little panicked.  I’m hoping it comes off and  I keep losing though it’s made me more aware of what I eat and how much I exercise. I also worry it could mean I’m getting to the end of my weight-loss. I’m about 20 pounds from my stated goal and I hope I can make it and maintain it.

I had yoga class last night. It felt good to stretch, as always but I only go once a week and wish I could do it twice or more. I’m walking again, not much but I’ve been twice this week. I plan to walk again tonight, do my four miles and maybe a little further. I plan to do the half marathon at the end of April and it’s now February so it’s important to get off my butt and start training. I haven’t registered, not yet. I have to prove to myself I can just walk 13 miles, let alone run, before I do. On Monday when I walked I jogged a little. No real reason, the idea just hit me, A really good song came on my mp3 player, this. I bet that jersey was thrifted too.

I did it for as long as it didn’t hurt, while I could still breathe and not feel like  was trying too hard. I expected ‘d jog a few feet then give it up but I was shocked when I kept going,  I did nearly two minutes. Without any prior training, just walking. Since I’ve lost weight yoga is easier, jogging is too though I was thoroughly warmed up by then. In the past the best I could do was six minutes of jogging but that was after  had built up to it and made a real effort. It’s not a big shock to find it’s easier to move when you weigh less but in a way it is, it’s a reminder how my body is changing and getting stronger. It’s a nice surprise.

I am tempting the fates today too, I had a wojo taco and some chips and guacamole for lunch from here. I haven’t been cleared for solids yet, nothing beyond mashed potatoes and raw veggies are off limits. So I’m hoping I won’t be having regrets when I go to the bathroom. It was darned good though.  I’m continuing my no meat but fish diet and it’s easier than I expected. I don’t eat much fast food anymore, the only place I go is Taco Bueno for cheese quesadillas, black bean burritos and the pintos and cheese with lots of salsa. I pull most of the cheese out of the tortillas in the quesadillas.  I am hoping I get good news on Tuesday when I go to the doctor, that my A1C is low enough to give up the Byetta and I’ve vanquished diabetes, kicked its butt.

It’s payday too. I’m thinking of buying a yoga mat at BN today. I won’t use it for another week but just knowing its there is good motivation to keep it up. I’m also going to my sister’s to look at her dogs puppies. Both of her dogs gave birth shortly after Christmas and I promised I’d take a puppy. So I’m going to check them out, maybe choose one today, maybe not but plan to  take a puppy home in about 2 weeks.

I showed my husband pics of all the puppies and he liked these best. One of these pups will probably be our future dog. Their mom is half dalmatian and half lab, the dad, no idea.



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