Special baby edition

I’m taking a break from posting about BMs and other fun bariatric events. I became an aunt on Wednesday when my sister had her first child, a boy. He’s beautiful, of course,  and looks just like her. He was born at 6:49 pm by c-section because she wasn’t dilating and developing an infection. Unfortunately he has the infection too and is in NICU and will be there for a few more days. Otherwise he’s perfectly healthy. He’s a good size, weighs 7 lbs, 14 oz, and is 20.5 inches long.  This is Nathaniel Scott Coyle.

nathanielclose nathaniel




This is his to-do list


With his parents

daddyandbaby kandibaby


Valentine’s day

I had a better time in yoga class tonight, but my balance is still iffy. Sometimes I got it and sometimes I nearly fall over. But it’s OK, I’m trying to be less quiet and talk to people more than just listen. Like tonight I learned that Lululemon yoga mats have a funky smell once they get warm and there’s nothing you can do about it. I’m not likely to go there anyway, since their idea of a large is an average medium and I am a ways from that. Also their pants cost way too much, my thrift sensibilities would be offended by paying $100 for a pair of stretchy pants. As someone said, that’s getting pimped by a business.

There have been some melancholy changes around me. My aunt is still dying of throat cancer and at home, doctors gave her 10 days almost a week ago. She’s still hanging in there, hopefully she’ll outlast their predictions. A friend of one of my late aunt’s (I have/had several aunts) came by and we chatted awhile. Her husband has dementia and is in a nursing home and she’s having to handle a lot of things. Everything from taking care of the house to checking on him, his meds and treatments. She’s in her 80’s and said at one point “Well, we don’t live forever” after telling me how many of her old friends like my aunt and others I knew have passed. Another friend, her pastor’s mother, is in the hospital and not doing well. Even though all these people are in their 70s and 80’s it’s made me think about  how short our time really is and how things change.

Speaking of change, my sister is scheduled to give birth next week, she goes into the hospital on Friday and will have her baby. It’s a boy and they’ve already decided on naming him Nathaniel. I’m relieved, they considered other names before and coincidentally they were all names of professional wrestlers.

I’ve given up chocolate for Lent. Chocolate but not sweets, I’m not crazy. My weight has stayed about the same but I notice changes in my body, stuff is shifting around. My drawers feel loose and I’m going to need new bras soon. Things look different and my pants feel a little loose even though I haven’t lost weight. I’m on my period and feel a little bloated compared to a lot bloated but notice the cramps seem stronger and more persistent since the surgery. I took ibuprofen yesterday and today at work to keep from snapping at people. It worked, for the most part. I had nachos for Fat Tuesday. The tortilla chips digested well and I had a regular BM, nothing extreme. I don’t plan to have nachos often but it’s good to know. I had takeout fried shrimp today and I’m waiting to see how that goes.

New puppy and Al Roker

We picked out a puppy yesterday at my sister’s house. It’s a boy, he’s very sweet but has the unfortunate habit most babies have about sleeping all day and staying up at night. He’s a little afraid of the cat and Porkchop has kept his distance from the puppy. He was scared on the way home too, crying in the carrier and finally stopped when he tired himself out. We kept talking to him and gave him some kibble which helped soothe him a little but he still yelped half the way. He’s getting used to his new surroundings and I’m sure he misses his siblings and his mother but he’s exploring more and even tried to eat Porkchop’s food before I pulled him away and put him in front of his own bowls. Our little no-named puppy.

jerrypup2 whitepup1 whitepup2


I finished the Al Roker book. He gets into the business of when and how he decided on his gastric bypass around page 52. His experience is probably not typical, he was obese but didn’t have any co-morbidities like high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes. His operation, in 2001, took only an hour and half, which is pretty amazing since it wasn’t done laproscopically. He was up and back at work in a couple of weeks and lost fifty pounds his first month. Again, your results may vary, mine did. He did say he didn’t tell anyone about the surgery, just his wife and a few others and finally admitted it when he was about to be outed by the National Enquirer.  I admit I understand this, I didn’t tell many people about my surgery either, like Al I worried they would be judgmental and discouraging. People were supportive of Al though he tells how Deborah Norville pissed him off pre-surgery about not being able to tie his shoes but then he makes nice about it. I’m not sure I’d do that. He also talks about how he re-gained 40 pounds and even tried to justify it by saying it still meant he lost 60 before losing it again and keeping it off. He promotes a cleanse that I’m not entirely sure I’d advocate but seems to work for him. He details his menus, what he eats in a typical week and his exercise routine. There’s a section of cleanse based recipes in back, most look   pretty good and they are healthy, it even includes vegetarian recipes. The smoothies looked the most promising to me. The only thing I noticed is the portion sizes are bigger than what most of us can eat and would work well for a family or at least another person. Al’s stomach also holds more than mine, he has about 6oz of protein and veg and water for lunch and dinner. My doctor is adamant about no fluids with meals, to stop drinking about half an hour before eating and resuming drinking after meals. But what makes this book golden to me is his advice to family and friends who want to encourage someone to lose weight–shut your mouth, they know they are fat and your drawing attention to it can do more harm than good. Wish my mom and aunts had seen this.  It’s pretty good, he writes as if he’s speaking to someone, he throws in a few asides and jokes along the way. The medical side is simple and brief,  he’s cautious to not recommend any procedure over any other even though he’s been asked to endorse the surgery and mentions that it is serious business not to be rushed into or taken as a magic pill. He explains how he struggled with eating, how he used food as a comfort and was a “closet eater” even though it was apparent he ate more than he appeared to. It’s a good read for a bariatric patient, his experiences, victories and struggles will be familiar to most of us. I liked the chapter on when he was too thin for the big and tall shop and was able to shop at “regular” stores, how strange and good that felt. It’s a good read for anyone who is close to someone who is a bariatric patient as well, especially someone pre-op. It gives the reader who has not struggled with food or weight issues an insight into how we think and feel. Not everyone has the same reactions and feelings, but some things held true for me even if others didn’t. I’d recommend it as a general info book for anyone having or who has had the surgery and their family and friends. It’s an easy read, less than 200 pages not counting recipes.


I feel crappy right now. I went to yoga tonight and could not do the modified handstand, this


or the regular handstand against the wall, this


Last time I did the modified handstand, no problem. Tonight I couldn’t, the walls were just painted and felt a little slippery but it didn’t stop the other people from doing it. Then the handstand required a partner to help get your feet in position and I’m shy and keep to myself, I don’t feel comfortable talking to someone who is practically a stranger and either having them touching me or doing the same.  Most of the people in class tonight were people I don’t know well, have seen a few times and maybe said hi to once or twice. They may think I’m snotty or rude. But I am not one of those people who can easily strike up a conversation with a stranger. I don’t put myself out there well. It didn’t really matter since I couldn’t do the handstands and worried I’d lterally hurt someone if I lifted their legs wrong , pushed the block into them or did something else.

I attempted to do the modified handstand at home but my husband walked in and I just couldn’t do it. I figure I’ll try it again, one of these days.

Besides my yoga fail I went to pick up a new med, Bydureon. My surgeon prescribed it instead of Byetta and it’s a once a week shot. Unfortunately it’s also a self-pay. So when the pharmacist said it was ready I expected it to be as much as the Byetta, another expensive self-pay drug. This stuff cost three times as much and when he said my total was 1136 he meant one thousand not eleven dollars. I didn’t get it and told him not to run my card, please. If he did it would have set off bells, whistles and sirens. I’ll have to get the money from savings to pay for it and I’m not wanting to do it. I’m considering asking if there’s something else I can take, something not as expensive. Heck, I could take a vacation for that money.  I got my lab report today from his office, my A1C was 5.9. the best its ever been but I’m still on meds. He wants my A1C to be 5.7 or lower and I’m a little bummed about that too. I go back in April, I hope to be near my goal weight, ready to run the half marathon and off any and all diabetic meds. I want to kick diabetes butt and it’s fighting  back.

I’m also reading Al Roker’s new book, about his bypass. So far it’s just a standard bio, how he was a chubby kid. I did look at the back and noticed there’s a lot of recipes, I may look closer at them and see if there’s anything I might like.  I’m hoping he moves onto his surgery, recovery and technical stuff. It’s a very accessible book, written in a friendly, chatty style. I checked it out at the library.


I walked 40 minutes at the lake today, a little over two miles. The other day I did 5, walked a little further but regretted it. I felt good and not tired but my bladder rebelled and I had to make a run to the bathroom. So today was a short walk, partly because of the bladder business and because the wind was blowing cold and I was stupid enough to go without a jacket.

I had another mishap today. My drawers slipped, fell down while I was walking. My wind pants are a little big and I had to hike them up along the way. But the sliding underwear, that was a surprise. I couldn’t exactly stop and start digging around inside my pants so I kept walking like nothing was going on. For about half my walk the only thing covering my butt was those baggy wind pants, which I kept pulling up. I need to get some new workout pants too.

I’m thinking of looking for a new job, or a second job. I’m burned out on being a register monkey and I asked of of my co-wrokers how she got her regular full-time gig. I admitted I have few skills, can type a little but not much to recommend me. She said to check the want ads, it’s what she did for a couple of months. She said she didn’t have much luck with temp agencies, she got more interviews fending for herself and suggested I try the same. She mentioned a few places that do medical records and billing that might be sources but I’m a little unsure about just handing in a resume. But  guess it can’t hurt. The only concern I have is if I actually find a job and have to tell my boss but chances are it won’t be any time soon.  In the back of my mind I heard the psychiatrist saying how bariatric patients may try new things and change their lives. I remembered how I read online that patients find the confidence to make changes, do things they’ve wanted to but felt afraid to do before.  I remember thinking, “That makes sense, on some levels and for some people  but really, not everybody does this.”  I admit I was thinking more along the lines of skydiving and going on trips to the Kalahari.  But a new job comes under this heading as well.

of exercise, tacos and changes in general

I filled 5 Wal-Mart bags with clothes that are too big and donated them to Our Sister’s Closet.  Since I had some time to kill and they were having a half-price sale I bought a black and white skirt and a new pair of Aspiration Jeans. My current pair of Aspiration Jeans are loose and have to be hiked up every once in awhile.

I was feeling pretty good about myself and everything until I weighed myself and saw I gained 3 pounds. I was surprised but not too shocked, I’ve been eating more solids lately.  I was pissed off though and a little panicked.  I’m hoping it comes off and  I keep losing though it’s made me more aware of what I eat and how much I exercise. I also worry it could mean I’m getting to the end of my weight-loss. I’m about 20 pounds from my stated goal and I hope I can make it and maintain it.

I had yoga class last night. It felt good to stretch, as always but I only go once a week and wish I could do it twice or more. I’m walking again, not much but I’ve been twice this week. I plan to walk again tonight, do my four miles and maybe a little further. I plan to do the half marathon at the end of April and it’s now February so it’s important to get off my butt and start training. I haven’t registered, not yet. I have to prove to myself I can just walk 13 miles, let alone run, before I do. On Monday when I walked I jogged a little. No real reason, the idea just hit me, A really good song came on my mp3 player, this. I bet that jersey was thrifted too.

I did it for as long as it didn’t hurt, while I could still breathe and not feel like  was trying too hard. I expected ‘d jog a few feet then give it up but I was shocked when I kept going,  I did nearly two minutes. Without any prior training, just walking. Since I’ve lost weight yoga is easier, jogging is too though I was thoroughly warmed up by then. In the past the best I could do was six minutes of jogging but that was after  had built up to it and made a real effort. It’s not a big shock to find it’s easier to move when you weigh less but in a way it is, it’s a reminder how my body is changing and getting stronger. It’s a nice surprise.

I am tempting the fates today too, I had a wojo taco and some chips and guacamole for lunch from here. I haven’t been cleared for solids yet, nothing beyond mashed potatoes and raw veggies are off limits. So I’m hoping I won’t be having regrets when I go to the bathroom. It was darned good though.  I’m continuing my no meat but fish diet and it’s easier than I expected. I don’t eat much fast food anymore, the only place I go is Taco Bueno for cheese quesadillas, black bean burritos and the pintos and cheese with lots of salsa. I pull most of the cheese out of the tortillas in the quesadillas.  I am hoping I get good news on Tuesday when I go to the doctor, that my A1C is low enough to give up the Byetta and I’ve vanquished diabetes, kicked its butt.

It’s payday too. I’m thinking of buying a yoga mat at BN today. I won’t use it for another week but just knowing its there is good motivation to keep it up. I’m also going to my sister’s to look at her dogs puppies. Both of her dogs gave birth shortly after Christmas and I promised I’d take a puppy. So I’m going to check them out, maybe choose one today, maybe not but plan to  take a puppy home in about 2 weeks.

I showed my husband pics of all the puppies and he liked these best. One of these pups will probably be our future dog. Their mom is half dalmatian and half lab, the dad, no idea.