Half-way point

I’m a little more than halfway to my goal. I realized this the other day and it surprised me. I had been feeling a little cranky about my weight loss slowing down and that I haven’t seen any dramatic changes in my body lately. I also have to add I haven’t been working out like I should either so it’s my fault too.

This occurred to me in yoga class. I was able to do a modified handstand, using the wall to support my short stubby legs. This.


The last time we did this in class I came crashing down and couldn’t keep my feet off the ground. This time I was one of the few who did the pose and held that sucker. I didn’t hold it for 30 seconds like she recommends but I remember thinking, “Holy cow,  I am doing this.” I’m able to stretch a little more and don’t need a block to modify my poses any more, well, very rarely. I’m even thinking of taking another class, maybe the Vinyasa flow, something beyond the beginner’s class. My next goal is to buy my own mat, I saw some at Barnes and Noble and might see what they have. I feel funny about buying something so non-literary as a yoga mat there, how I often looked down on people who came into my old bookstore and went to look at the t-shirts or coffee mugs we were forced to sell and ignored the books. I’ve become what I hated. Sort of. I may buy a book too so I don’t look like a total poser.

I did the math and yes, according to what my doctor has recommended, I’m halfway there. I’m currently between sizes, I can fit into the smaller size but the bigger size is loose but not that loose. Tonya told me last week “Are you wearing those pants for all of us?” I didn’t get it at first but she meant “your pants are so baggy we could all fit in there with you.” They were loose but not that loose and I prefer my clothes to be a little loose rather than too tight. I’ve seen people in too tight clothes before and most of the time it is not a pretty sight. Even if I had a supermodel body (and that’s not going to happen, no matter how much I lose) I’d rather err on the side of caution and good taste.  I’m also reluctant to give up some things, clothes I waited to fit into and now  that I can it feels good to slip it on and say I made that goal and conquered. But I did put away one pair of jeans that’s way too baggy and I’ll be going through my closet again. It’s about time to hit the thrifts and go for the smaller size.


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