the eggroll and refried beans test

I had an eggroll yesterday, my first in five months. It was greasy, full of cabbage and it was delicious. I was concerned the grease might cause me to dump or throw up but I swallowed it and it stayed there. I also had some refried beans and cheese from Taco Bueno, another test of my stomach. I had these about a week ago, the worst part was the taste but with enough salsa nearly anything can be made to taste decent. I had the beans again today and besides a little gas everything was OK. I managed better than expected and I’m grateful and amazed. The next day is the second part of the test, seeing what the results are. So far so good, no problems in the bathroom and I feel indomitable now. Not bulletproof or immortal, but pretty darn strong and good. I’m not pushing my luck though, I don’t plan to have another eggroll for awhile and the beans and cheese can wait too but it’s good to know that I can tolerate more foods. It’s also reassuring to know I can order out like everybody else.


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