new year’s day

I stayed in New Year’s Eve and ate meat for what is probably the last time. I had three Little Smokies and cheese dip with sausage.  I ate a lot of stuff I probably shouldn’t have, like tortilla chips, Chex Mix and thin multi-grain crackers. I felt OK at the time, figuring those warnings from my doctor about breads bunching up in your stomach were a little over-inflated.  learned this morning they were not, I had another hard, painful time in the bathroom. It was one of the dreaded “feel like I’m freaking giving birth here” BMs. I survived but it’s convinced me to stay away from carbs, at least it did until this afternoon when I had a piece of toasted garlic bread, but then I had only one piece.  But I still ate black-eyed peas.

I’m foregoing meat for health reasons and because I haven’t had a taste for it. I thought I’d want a burger when I could eat “real” food again but when I had the opportunity it wasn’t what I wanted and though it smelled good it didn’t look good. I’ve heard bariatric patients can experience changes in their tastes and may not like or want the stuff they craved before surgery.  I have a friend who gave up meat, except for fish and it seems to be working for him, he’s healthy and eats otherwise ordinary meatless meals without any trouble.  I know I have to be more careful about my protein intake than he does but from what I’ve seen, after reading labels, is that it can be done. It’s cheaper, healthier and I’ll have less guilt and fear over how my food is raised and butchered.

I did the New Year’s Day 5K today too. I went to bed at 11, tearing myself away from  watching Kathy Griffin and poor Anderson Cooper. I got up and made my way to the race site, there were people everywhere, most running in place , huddling or jumping to stay warm. It was below freezing and my fingers shook when I pinned my number to my coat. I hadn’t worked out in over 2 weeks and I knew my time would be slow. And it was, I did it in 52:38.  Though it was darned cold once we started moving it wasn’t as bad, after awhile the cold didn’t seem to matter. I wore two pairs of socks, for cushioning and for warmth. I wore earmuffs and I wasn’t the only one to do so, most people opted for bandannas or fleece headbands. Others were brave or didn’t thing about it and went bareheaded.

I got passed by babies in strollers and three, no, four dogs. But a funny thing happened as well. At the beginning I was trailing at the end but after the halfway marker I was warmed up and hitting my stride. I finally felt good and moved faster, I passed a group of three women, another woman and a man who were all ahead of me. The woman didn’t like to be passed and she jogged ahead of me twice but by the end I had passed her and finished ahead of her. Some people put their effort in at the beginning and were feeling fatigued before they were halfway finished. I could hear them breathing heavily and puffing when I passed. I didn’t push myself that hard, partly because I knew I hadn’t worked out and because it was so cold but I managed it all without getting short of breath. My time might have been slow but I felt comfortable at the end.  All the better to enjoy my black-eyed peas. I am determined to start training and since Christmas is over and things are slowing down again I should be able to do it. My big goal is to run the half marathon in the Memorial marathon in April.  I saw people out there who could, who probably have. There were cars with 13.1, 26.2 and other stickers. In my little lazy heart I want to be one of them, I want one of those 13.1 stickers.

My jacket’s zipper broke off though I was still able to zip it up. So I went to Academy and bought myself this jacket. I got it on sale, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it. It’s light and incredibly warm and I look good in it.,default,pd.html


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