I hope everyone had a merry Christmas.

I had chex mix and so far it’s been OK. I haven’t eaten the nuts, just the cereal, chewed it good and I’ve felt all right. It’s stayed down, no stomach problems and I feel fine. I didn’t feel confident enough to have a tamale or the takeout  Chinese food we ordered earlier. I had egg drop soup.

We had an ice storm and stayed home Christmas Eve, didn’t go to midnight mass or to my sister’s today. I even called into work tomorrow to tell them my car is frozen over and I won’t be there. The roads are slick and it’s supposed to be worse tomorrow. But other than that we’ve had a good Christmas. I watched the midnight mass from St. Peter’s, we opened gifts this morning and ate. I watched a couple hours of netflix and will probably read before going to bed. I was prudent enough to stock up on EAS shakes at least, so  I can resist the leftovers.

My son brought me a llama from Peru. His name is Marc Antonio and he’s the same size as our cat.



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