Why you should pay attention to doctor’s orders and labels

I made Chex Mix for work and they fell on it like rabid wolves, one girl ate nearly all the Goldfish out of the bowl. I didn’t crave it though I love the smell. Progress, change at the least.

As for those regular BMs, don’t take them for granted. I neglected to drink all 4 bottles of Crystal Light/water one night and the next day I had one of the bad old BMs. the painful kind that feels like giving birth. I was on my moon and that didn’t help either. So since then I make sure to finish my 60 oz. a day, 64 oz. if I can manage it.  Even if it means staying up later to down those bottles and drinking before bed, I get them down.  Fluid is important.

I’m taking in more protein now, my old goal was 50 gm a day. I shoot for 55-60 a day and I feel better, have more energy and I am still losing. I’ve been working longer shifts at work and we’ve been busy but I haven’t been dragging like I thought I would be. Even some of the young girls are getting worn out but I’m still on my feet, even if said feet are a little tired. The extra protein also means I won’t lose my hair, one of my big fears.

I’m on Replesta now, for a vitamin D deficiency. I opened the box and started taking one a day. Big mistake. I didn’t pay attention to the box and only today I noticed it says one a WEEK. So I worried I was going to OD on vitamin D and went to the doctor’s office. The nurse assured me I’d be OK, just don’t take another dose for 2 weeks then just one a week.  I also bought some protein bars and chips. The chips are the best thing ever, it feels good to bite into something that crunches and they taste like “real” chips. I bought all three flavors–barbeque, pizza and dill pickle.  I ate a bag of pizza chips this afternoon, they only have 10 gm of protein while the bars have 14-15.

All but one pair of my jeans are too big now. Woo-Hoo! I need to buy some new ones but want to wait til I am a smaller size. I’m about 10 pounds away from the next size down. Lost 3 pounds this week,  this makes the total 33 pounds so far.

I haven’t had been tempted by a lot of Christmas food, I’m not big on sweets, crunchy and carbs are my thing but even those don’t look as good now. My tastes are changing and I don’t really crave any particular thing.  Food still looks good and smells good but I don’t miss it. It is strange. Speaking of Christmas, here’s this. One of my bookclub friends hates this song, loathes it. I like it. Merry Christmas.


One thought on “Why you should pay attention to doctor’s orders and labels

  1. Hey, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues.

    When I look at your website in Firefox, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, great blog!

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