Two months later

I went to see my doctor on Tuesday. I got good news and bad news but fortunately the bad wasn’t that bad, more like disappointing news. The good news is I’ve lost 29 pounds so far. I’m off some of my meds. But Byetta isn’t one of them, my A1C was 6.6, not bad compared to the 9 I once had but not low enough to go off the stuff. So another 2 months of shooting myself with a needle twice a day;. I’d make a lousy junkie, I don’t like needles.

I hoped he would say that I could eat meat, anything I felt like having. I mentioned I had sampled Chex mix and he asked if I kept it down. I did and was told  I need to avoid bread and crackers since they bunch up in my pouch. I can’t have solids yet, I’m on to pureed to soft foods, mashed potatoes, soups and baby food. If I have anything with noodles to mash em up first then chew, no meats, fresh veg or fruit or anything not easily chewed. I was bummed I couldn’t leave his office and go have Chinese food but instead stocked up on protein bars and (sigh) later on EAS protein shakes.  I dd have some vegetarian vegetable soup half an hour ago and it was wonderful. It took me awhile to finish, I spent some time chewing the potatoes until they were pieces of slivers. The rest was easily chewed and mashed, even the corn. The doctor said I could have corn if  I mashed it or creamed it first and I was glad.  I even bought three jars of baby food but I’m waiting on those.

Except for the bowl of vegetable beef soup  I had the other night I’ve been vegetarian, non-meat eating. I haven’t had any taste for chicken or beef broth, no cravings for meat except as chicken chow mein. I’ve wanted Mexican food but when i really thought about what I wanted what I really wanted was chips and salsa and nachos. As I’ve been a lifelong carnivore this s odd but I read that my tastes will change and those things I used to want may not seem so good to me now.

EDIT: OK,  I tried the baby food. It’s not that bad if you dump a lot of salt on it, a little pepper helps too. I got some on myself too, first time that’s happened in twenty years. Also, don’t look too closely at it, it looks disgusting.

The other development I’ve had at the two month mark is my BMs are normal again. Yay! I had one after five days and it was normal, not traumatic, I didn’t feel like I was about to give birth. Since then I’ve had them every other day and they have been consistently ordinary and like the BMs I had before surgery, simple and short. It’s as if a switch in my bowels was turned back to “regular.” Other people may notice this change earlier than I did but if I knew it was coming it would have made the previous month more bearable knowing relief was coming.

I also joined a gym nearby. Ironically I haven’t had time to go yet because of work but they are open weekends so I plan to go Saturday when the rest of the world is at the mall. I’m also ditching yoga tonight because I need to take a nap. I’m going to the midnight premiere of The Hobbit and need to stay awake. I need to sleep but I’m excited so this may be difficult.


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