Confession and clothes

I ate real food. Yesterday I had 3 pieces of Chex cereal when I was making Chex mix. I took one bite of a pretzel, more of a nibble. On Saturday I  took four small bites at different times of fried Spam. And I don’t like Spam but dang this was good.

So far so good, no physical repercussions. I kept it down, had no stomach issues and even though I haven’t had a BM since Friday I’m not worried, much.

Tomorrow is 2 months since my gastric bypass and I also have an appt with my doctor.  I’m hoping the results of my labs are good and tells me I can finally have solid food. Especially since I’ve started eating already. I’m hoping he tells me I can toss the Carafate, the Omeprazole, my high blood pressure and cholesterol meds and the Byetta. Especially the Byetta, I’d be glad to not have to shoot myself in the stomach anymore.

I also sold a dress of mine on ebay and sent it off to its new home, somewhere in PA. I hope the new owner enjoys it. It was good feeling, I made a few bucks but I also remember when I had to wear Spanx just to get into it and how uncomfortable it felt. I’m now 2 sizes smaller and look forward to no longer having to shop at Lane Bryant and being restricted to a small section of a department store or even a small section in some of the better organized thrifts. One reason  I liked shopping at thrifts, besides being cheap they rarely segregate their clothes by size. I still have to wade through racks of size 0 and size 2 pants but somewhere in there is something that I can fit my flat Indian butt into. Same thing with shirts and sweaters, all sizes welcome. Though I still look at the El Grande sections in those thrifts that have them. I learned tags are not the best indicator of how big or small a garment is, nearly every brand has it’s own idea of what a Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large or XXL means. Old Navy is my friend in pants, not always in tops. Cheaper brands like Faded Glory tend to be smaller. Yesterday I wore a L Dana Buchman skirt (it had an elastic waist) and today I’m wearing a pair of XL sweat pants by some no-name maker. Best thing is to hold it up to yourself and see if t covers the front half of your body. One good thing about thrifted clothes is they don’t usually shrink since they’ve been washed before.


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