Piddling around

I changed my layout for the heck of it but otherwise there’s little of interest going on here. There’s a full moon tonight and that explains some of the weirdness I’ve been experiencing, mostly just crazed behavior like buying two Christmas trees and then taking them both back. I decided to get a new fake tree to replace our little 15 yr old fake tree and bought one at Dollar General for twenty bucks. Then a friend mentioned Wal-Mart had slightly nicer ones for the same price. So I bought a Wal-Mart tree last night and placed it next to the DG box and noticed the DG box was bigger. I figured I’d return the smaller Wal-Mart tree and went to bed. Then when I woke up this morning I remembered I was supposed to go to the lab for bloodwork. I have a dr. appt. in 12 days and may, just may get the OK to ear solid food if my labs are good. Since I am a self pay patient and this would be on me I quickly realized I needed to come up with some money and went to return both trees. I also transferred some money from my savings to checking and headed to the DLO lab for my tests.

The lab tech took me back and said she’d look up the going rate for self pay. She returned and told me how much it was and I nearly fell over. Returning those trees and transferring some money meant I was still short, by about $800. After I closed my gaping mouth I mumbled that I didn’t have that on me and would it be OK if I came back, er, later? She nodded and I requested to transfer a big chunk of change  to my account so I can go back tomorrow and hand it over, all before I go to work.

I went to yoga class tonight. I was a little nervous since I haven’t gone in two weeks, mostly due to work. I walked an hour at the lake Tuesday and Wednesday so I felt good physically but balance and following directions are not my strong suits. It was a good class, we worked on grounding and back bends though we did no actual back bends, to my relief. I learned I am getting a little more flexible, my balance still sucks though. I barely managed tree pose when we were supposed to be balancing and holding a knee.  However I felt good by the end of the evening and relaxed, not mellow but good and strong. It will be over a week before I can go again, due to my schedule.

A lady in my class mentioned her cousin had a gastric bypass in June and she’s lost 84 pounds so far. Her diabetes is gone too and she looks and feels great, she saw her over Thanksgiving and was amazed at how much she had changed. She’s  happier now too, she said. I told her it made me feel good to hear about how well she’s done, that it gives me hope  and encouragement. I know I won’t lose as much and it may take longer than five months but it’s still encouraging. Though I’m happy to report I lost 2 pounds this week.

The Hobbit opens in two weeks and I have my ticket for the first showing at midnight on the 13th, I’ve started re-reading The Hobbit so I can be prepared.


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