Rather than dwell on Thanksgiving I’m going a little ahead. My own Thanksgiving was good, a small family affair with plenty of food and some football. My sister and her husband left early, she was tired and the baby was kicking but he also planned to hit some of the early sales.

Food was no problem since I couldn’t eat anyway. I made the ham and pashofa (corn soup), both smelled heavenly but since I couldn’t even taste them while cooking I relied on sight and dumb luck. Everyone said they were good  and I watched them eat. I drank my Atkins shake and later drank 1.5 bottles of Crystal Light, both bottles were 16.9 oz and I brought them from home. The food looked good but as before I had no interest in eating. That sounds so strange since before surgery I’d be filling a plate and getting seconds. Thanksgiving is the national day to eat, it’s condoned and expected so much it’s almost unAmerican to eat reasonably or not at all. I did make a small bowl of pashofa broth with small pieces of pork and savored it. I’ve been wanting it since my uncle’s funeral and had to pass it up then and at the going away/early Thanksgiving dinner. This time I said “heck with it” and hoped it wouldn’t turn around and bite me in the butt (literally) like that fruit parfait did. It didn’t. The broth was enough, I got the flavor of the soup and the bits of meat were protein I needed anyway.  I chewed them into nothingness before swallowing.

The only trouble I’m having is hard stools, not quite constipation but going to the bathroom is not an easy or pleasant experience when doing number two. It’s a slow process and after yesterday’s BM I am determined to drink more fluid, hoping that will do it though I wonder if some of the meds may be affecting it too.

Warning, PG-13 content ahead: I learned something that might be of interest to women in *ahem* a committed relationship with a man. I had been reluctant to have sex because I haven’t felt like it and to be honest I’m still not there yet. But he’s been patient and today I gave him a blow job and was able to swallow without any problem. It was early and before I ate or drank, I’m not sure how that would affect it. But it works OK on an empty stomach.

I have noticed a interesting side effect from dropping a size, my tops are getting too big now. I like my tops on the baggy side but this is a bit much, with some of them. I tried on one to wear to Mass this morning and it hung down low. Normally a crewneck top it drooped down in a low neckline and bunched around the waist. Some of my dress things are old, over 10 yrs old and bought when I was at my biggest, about 3 sizes bigger than I am now. I kept them because I am lazy, they were big and comfortable and they still looked decent. But I’m going to wash them and reluctantly donate them to the YMCA thrift on my way to work. I need to buy new dress clothes and just bid on a twin-size sweater set on ebay to replace the one that hung on me this morning. We’re also going to the mall later and though I do not intend to buy anything because I’m adverse to participating in the Black Friday holiday madness and adverse to mall prices I will look around and may try on a few things. I’d like to ask for new clothes for Christmas but other than this I’m not sure what I want. I’m not a very fashionable person anyway. But it would be nice to shop in the “regular” sections of the store instead of a little section, usually in the back corner.


2 thoughts on “Pre-Christmas

  1. I know what u mean with the BM. This is gross but it like gets stuck and I have to practically give birth to get it out which causes some bleeding. It really sucks and I’ve been drinking like crazy! I think I may address this when I go to my 1 month check up. P.s. thanks for the empty stomach tip although I still don’t think I could get past the taste or texture. Lol

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