It gets better

Besides being a slogan for bullied high school kids this should be a slogan for bariatric patients as well. It does get better.

After a month and half of nothing but @#$% protein shakes I’m able to tolerate Carnation Breakfast again and had one a little while ago, for my late breakfast. I’m drinking AdvantEdge shakes  too, mostly for the protein content but prefer cream soups, yogurt and the protein bars because they feel like real food. I like having something I can chew rather than drink.  So I’ve made my peace with the shakes but I am looking forward to having real food, like meat.  I hope I can have some turkey at Christmas. I’d like to have tamales, cheese dip and tortilla chips and Chex mix too but that’s probably pushing it.

I’m able to get all my fluids in now, I can drink 4 16.9 oz. bottles of water or Crystal Light a day with ease, unless I’m at work. I can’t keep a bottle near the front of the store and usually get only a 10 minute break. I know we’re breaking labor laws here but the job is easy and I can run to the back for bathroom and drink breaks when I need.  I did sneak an AdvantEdge shake up front and drank it discreetly the other day and my boss knew but didn’t say anything. She knows about the surgery and my fluid requirements. I may try to sneak a bottle of water and hide it under the counter next time.

Gas and bloating are not a big deal. I’m able to belch and pass gas naturally now. I do have a little bloating but it’s related to my period but even that is not as bad. As for my period it was a little late but everything proceeded normally. I had some cramps a week before but I think it was related to the IVC filter removal surgery.

My energy level is OK but I hit a lull in the evening. I think it has more to do with the fact I haven’t been walking or been to yoga class in almost two weeks. It’s my own fault and once I get motivated and get off my butt I doubt the energy lull will be a problem. It’s been hard to find time with getting my son ready for his trip to Peru, work and just life but since he’s gone I’m finding I have more time. Even with Thanksgiving coming up.

The biggest plus has been seeing my clothes getting baggy. I was able to pull off  a pair of pants without unbuttoning them the other day. It felt great. Most of my pants are too big and some of my shirts are getting looser too. I like my tops loose but I hit a thrift store the other day and bought 3 pairs of pants, all a size smaller than what I wore before I started. Ill probably be here awhile but seeing that smaller size tag makes me feel good. I’m still using the shea butter every night and though I can’t see any difference in my saggy skin yet at least it feels softer and less dry now.  I even bought a pair of hightop Chucks knock-offs at Payless when I took my son shopping. It’s the first time I’ve worn these in more than 20 yrs and I probably look like the world’s oldest would-be hipster but they feel pretty good and they were only seven dollars. I could not resist.

one of my new shoes


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