I lost five pounds!

I weighed myself this morning and I lost five pounds. Woo-Hoo! To be frank I was shocked. I haven’t exercised in a week, not since yoga class. Maybe that massive BM on Sunday helped. I was thrilled, whatever the reason.


I know that I probably won’t show a loss next week, even if I get back into my exercise routine and make it to yoga class tonight and Thursday. The doctor said my weight loss would be slow and in a way that’s OK. Hopefully it means less loose skin, slower weight loss usually means your body gets the chance to change and adapt. At my advanced age this is really good news; I already have some loose skin and don’t want any more. Things are beginning to go south anyway and they don’t need any more help.

Right now I’m looking forward to going back to the doctor, I hope he gives me the OK to move on to real food. I’m still on the protein shakes but found I like the AdvanTage strawberry and chocolate shakes best, they have the most protein (17 gm) and fewest calories (100-110). I will make it through Thanksgiving too,  I’ve learned I  can cook, watch people eat, smell the food and not feel too deprived. If I do I will just remember what happened when I had that fruit and yogurt parfait and that should do it.


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