yoga class

I went back to yoga class after more than a month and I was anxious. I shouldn’t have been,  from the moment I walked in I felt comfortable and welcomed. The teacher Trinity declared this a politics-free zone and we were staying away from the anxiety and just weird vibes from the election for at least an hour.

I found I was a little more flexible. I was surprised when I was able to hop forward when walking forward to a forward fold instead of having to stand up and walk forward. When we did lunges I didn’t use the blanket to protect my knees and prepared myself for a little pain but there wasn’t any. During one seated pose I could feel my butt feeling a little sore on the mat and the hardwood floor underneath. I used the blanket then.

The only difficulty was with balance, not one of my strong points anyway. It’s been awhile and I had a few awkward moments during tree pose, when everybody else was managing to balance on one leg I was wobbling and had to start again. It’s OK, I did and managed to hold it a few seconds then we went on to another pose. I knew I wouldn’t be perfect,  that some things might be harder and it would take awhile to get used to it again. I’m hoping I don’t work next Tuesday so I can go back to class and try again. After class I felt more serene, more relaxed and good overall. It wasn’t until I had to deal with traffic on the way home that I felt the world coming back into my head. Then I avoided any election coverage until 10pm when The Daily Show started. Overall it was a peaceful, decent night.

Which was good because when I weighed myself I found I gained 4 ounces. Not a significant amount but enough to piss me off. Since I didn’t lose anything last week I was hoping for a loss,  2-3 pounds maybe. I’ve been good but haven’t walked as much and I’ve been eating 2-3 protein bars a day, which are 170 calories apiece. I am determined to do better this week because this not losing crap is going to end.  It has to.


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