This is not a regular post, it’s more of a public service announcement.  Tuesday is Election day in the US and commonwealths.  If you are a registered voter, go vote. Do it, don’t think “Oh, my vote won’t count.” It does, as long as we continue to exercise our right to vote it will stand, it will count. I’m going to vote even though I know my state will undoubtedly go to the other candidate but I don’t care. I’m going to vote for two basic reasons: women got the right to vote in 1920 and Native Americans (Indians) got it in 1930.  I was surprised to see that other countries granted women their voting rights before the US. See for yourself.’s_suffrage#United_States

Tomorrow I’m taking my son to go vote a day early because he’s anxious to do so. It’s his 2nd presidential election and he’s still excited about voting. I looked up my brother-in-law’s polling place for him because he said he didn’t think he’d bother with voting since HE DIDN’T KNOW WHERE HE WAS SUPPOSED TO GO. Now he knows.  So vote. I’m not advocating you vote for candidate A or candidate B, you decide who you want to be the leader of the free world for the next four years. It’s your right and privilege. If you don’t use it we may eventually lose it.

Another public service announcement, with guitar.


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