new underwear

I’ve needed new underwear for awhile and have put off buying any for as long as possible. My bras are in OK shape but what I needed was panties. My apologies to any males reading this, sorry.

The last time I bought panties was 2 years ago, there was a big sale at Lane Bryant and I stocked up. The drawers I bought held up pretty good, I still have several pairs left that are in good shape.  But I’ve noticed that they are getting baggy and hanging down, drooping. So last night when I was at Wal-Mart I went into the lingerie department and bought a bag of panties.

This wasn’t as easy as it sounds. I had to choose from different brands and different styles. In the past I’ve been a full brief girl and looked for those. I found boystyle shorts, hipsters, bikinis and finally the brief but instead of reaching for that package I picked up the hipsters. Figuring out what size to get was another mystery; the panties at Lane Bryant were sized by clothing sizes and I picked up 22/24 knowing they would fit. These were some vague numbered sizes and I looked at the chart on back. I finally chose an assorted bag of 8 hipsters in size 8 and hoped they would stretch enough to cover my butt.

I’m wearing one of the hipsters now. They fit and cover my butt. The material is a little rougher than the LB drawers but considering what I paid at LB that shouldn’t be a surprise. One pair of regular priced LB panties cost more than the whole bag of hipsters. Even on sale they cost considerably more, panty for panty.  Another unexpected benefit of losing weight, cheaper underwear!

I’m hanging onto my old drawers, you never know when you might need extras, even old baggy ones. When I dreamed about buying new, smaller sized clothes this was not what I had in mind. But it is a victory and I take it as such.


7 thoughts on “new underwear

  1. Hahaha…i’m having this issue too…all my panties are three sizes too big, elastic broke and stretchy….now i’ve lost 4 stone I feel like I should try some new styles…but my butt is still far too big for sexy stuff lol.. Love your blog.. will keep reading x

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