it is on–the sequel

I did the zombie 5K. Tore that sucker up, even though I was outpaced by 100 college kids and some people my age. I walked the whole thing and was the very last person for about half the race. I got lost, turning where I wasn’t supposed to and going past one turn-off but I fortunately corrected my mistakes fairly quickly. About halfway through the race I saw two girls up ahead and began to follow them, I eventually passed them and crossed the finish line at an hour and three minutes. The two girls crossed a few minutes later. This is the prize. I originally ordered an XL shirt but after the race I exchanged it for a L. It’s a sign of hope and optimism because I know it will probably shrink but then so will I (hopefully).  My surgeon doubted I could do it but that was the wrong thing to say, it made me more determined. I think I’ll wear this shirt to my next office visit.

zombie 5K shirt, what I did this for.


me in the zombie shirt in the bathroom




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