I walked at the lake today and I did two miles. Non-stop, very slowly but it was definitely two miles.

I started out thinking “I’ll just go as long as I feel OK” and figured it wouldn’t be far since I haven’t walked since Thursday, the day before my filter removal surgery. That day I didn’t walk very far, probably less than a quarter of a mile and I felt tired.  So this was a great and wonderful surprise. I stopped before I felt tired and started to breathe hard. I expected to stop and rest but I didn’t need it.

I don’t know if it’s that my body is healing, getting used to the bypass or if having the filter helped. I know since then I haven’t had as much trouble with gas either. I did have a little constipation but that was from not drinking enough and I hope it’s passed. Whatever the reason or reasons I don’t care, I’m just glad I finally did 2 miles. It’s halfway to my old personal best and I hope to be doing 4 miles in a few weeks, maybe even going back to yoga.  I’d still like to do this race but it’s still too soon. I want that t-shirt.  https://earlysignup.com/zombie5k

I tried on my aspirational jeans today and THEY FIT!  Granted, they have spandex in them but they fit. I could zip them up and breathe. They look pretty good too. I plan to wear them to my dr. appt. on Tuesday. It’s official, I have dropped one size.  woo-hoo! Now if I can move on to soft/pureed foods and meat and dump the protein shakes.

Porkchop and I spent yesterday like this, recovering from Friday’s surgery.


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