one week later

Its been a week and a day since the surgery and I’m still adjusting. I’m also indebted to the internet for help and relief, thanks to all those bariatric patients who have posted solutions to various problems and I’m thankful  Walgreen’s is a few blocks away.

I’ve had two main problems–dehydration and gas. Dehydration is hard to treat since I can’t hold much fluid in my stomach. But my son mentioned ice chips, what helped him when he was sick with food poisoning. It was also on a message board I found using google. So I turned several ice cubes into shaved ice in the blender and started chomping on it. It’s easier to swallow than liquid. As for gas I checked the boards again and found something that may help me pass gas and get that bloated feeling off my stomach. Gas-X strips, something I’ve never used and never heard of before now.  I took 2 of them and have belched a little, so far so good.

Its probably not helped that my allergies have been bothering me, making my runny nose sore. I have recovered, more or less, from the laser skin peel and feel relieved though I did that on purpose, so I can’t gripe about that.

Ow. The Gas-x strips are working, I feel pressure on my gut and just hiccuped. The only other remedy I had before was walking, just go walk and the gas will take care of itself. Not necessarily. I have found it is easier to pass gas if I am lying down, unfortunately so have my husband and cat.

I am still getting used to this new way of eating, of living really. I’m tired of the Atkins shakes and Carnation Breakfast.  The Lovenox shots hurt and burn like a sumbitch. I am slow and get physically tired easily, I had hoped to do a 5K next month but I can’t see doing it now. I am still glad I had the surgery, know that it would take time to heal and adjust. But I hope it passes soon and I’m through the worst.


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