recovery phase

I learned it’s not a good idea to watch movies or shows that feature sick or dying characters when you are recovering yourself. I spent most of Sunday watching the BBC Pride and Prejudice with no ill effect and actually had a good time.  I took breaks to take meds and eat/drink. Yesterday I watched one of my other favorite British historical miniseries, North and South and realized this wasn’t an altogether good idea.  Two characters die, both suffer lingering illnesses and I felt myself  feeling their pain, even coughing. Actually seven people die but the last five die offscreen and somewhat quickly.

I slept off and on, mostly due to having a laser skin peel yesterday. It may or may not have been the wisest decision but I figured “hey, I’m going to be down for 2 weeks anyway so why not?” I was awake removing dead skin and applying Aquaphor to my face most of the night and getting my pillows and hair greasy. I’m still peeling and earlier likened my appearance to Hellboy but think zombie might be accurate too. My dad is coming to visit and I didn’t mention this to him; he’s going to be surprised.

I am still getting used to doing things differently. Taking meds takes longer. I can take one pill at a time, with a small sip and have to wait a minute before the next one. No more taking two at a time and gulping them down. Some of the bigger pills take longer and I can feel them in the middle of my chest before they finally go down.  Also I took the Lortab only once yesterday, to help me sleep last night. I haven’t had any pain in 2 days. It no longer hurts to take deep breaths either.

The final scene of North and South always gets me.



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