four things

I learned after surgery. First, when they say rest, they mean it. Rest. Sleep if you feel like it but lollying around on the couch or in bed is a good thing. Second, when you do get up use the strength in your legs and arms to pull yourself up. You may have to roll onto your side to do this but do it. Third, do not bend over if you can avoid it. Trust me on this. Fourth, take deep breaths. It will hurt but it’s for your own good. So they tell me.

I walked and took a shower today. I got a good look at my stomach and it wasn’t as bad as I feared. There was some bruising from the Lovenox shot but that was about it.

I thought about whether or not to go to mass tomorrow. I probably won’t, I’m not sure if I could kneel and if the host would digest.  Right now all I can manage is to sip Atkins shakes or Crystal Light while lying on the couch. I overdid it yesterday and now I’m paying for it. Which is how I learned the four things above. I’m just waiting for the liquid Lortab to kick in and doze.


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