Post surgery (I did it)

I went into the hospital  for my gastric bypass on Thursday. I was nervous,  knowing that my life would change in  less than a day.

After I checked in and put on a hospital gown I was ready. Psyched, actually.  The nurses brought me warmed blankets and my surgeon and his assistant came to check on me. The nurse started an IV in my hand and he started giving my drugs. They wheeled me to surgery and it was a lot like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. We made some wide turns and people in general  walked in front of us, around us and seemed oblivious.

My surgery went well; I was not awake for long and remember waking up in recovery. I had a catheter and was already on morphine by the time I got to my room.  I had a heart monitor and pressure cuffs on my legs, to prevent blood clots too. A couple hours later I was walking down the hall, pushing my IV cart ahead of me. I wore my leopard print bathrobe over the gown and little brown slipper socks. I made my way in style, slightly dizzy but feeling good. They brought me a liquid tray–jell-o, chicken broth, crystal light and more water. I was not hungry but ate some of the broth and jell-o.  It took about an hour and I stopped when I began to feel nauseated . I didn’t throw up thank goodness but a man in another room did, I could hear him retching.

I slept off and on, the nurses kept checking my blood pressure and blood sugar. They also gave me insulin. The pressure cuffs squeezed my legs and would start when I was almost asleep.  I had two breathing treatments, blowing into a pipe with oxygen. and walked again before I lay down for the night. The nurses were good to Jerry too, one brought him a roll-away bed and sheets

They told me to walk as much as possible and belch freely, which I did. I was advised to pass gas too but so far I haven’t.  The gas should go away in a few days they told me.

My surgeon came by this morning and said it went great. He also said I didn’t have to  take my diabetic meds, with the exception of Byetta, anymore. That was a great moment for me. But I was sent home with a handful of prescriptions and dropped them off at Walgreen’s. I had my meds in the hospital  for the day so I can wait til tomorrow to take them. Right now I’m sipping on water. The next thing I want to do is take a shower but before that I am going to go walk at the lake. Jerry will have to drive for me, he plans to hang out on a bench while he waits.

Except for my stomach being a little sore I feel really good.  I can’t sleep on my stomach for a few days but otherwise I’m back to normal. Truthfully, I’m better than normal, the old normal that had to take diabetic and blood pressure meds and worry about neuropathy, kidney disease and losing my eyesight.  My recovery is fairly typical, but sometimes patients have to stay another day.  I was released because I was able to drink enough and keep it down,  otherwise I’d still be there.

I like how it feels


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