Are bariatric discount cards evil?

Are bariatric discount cards evil?

This NPR story was posted on facebook and raises some questions about how bariatric patients may overeat and abuse their stomachs. I have one of these cards but have not used it . I don’t think the writer really understands the drastic changes bariatric surgery causes in our bodies and is focusing on problems that may not affect most patients.

Although I haven’t had the surgery yet I don’t plan to eat out often, since we rarely do this now. I try to avoid places like Golden Corral and buffets in general but if I have to, I’ll go and look for better options. Last time we went to Golden Corral was when my mother-in-law was here from Florida. They all filled their plates, mostly with meat and desserts. I concentrated on the salad bar and some grilled chicken parts and fish. Granted the fish was fried but overall I did OK. I even took some fresh fruit from the chocolate fountain, without dipping any in chocolate, a feat in itself. The point is with some thought beforehand buffets aren’t off-limits and can be dealt with, without making yourself sick. If I can manage it I know anyone can.

The author seems to be focusing on people who are binge eaters or impulsive overeaters not bariatric patients. Most of us are going to be very careful about our portion sizes, what we eat and do what we can to stay healthy. Even a discounted buffet with a chocolate fountain isn’t worth that risk.

The only part that concerned me was the last paragraph, where the professor is quoted as saying hunger hormones go down for a year or so after surgery but the hunger does come back. I’m hoping by then I’ll be so used to eating smaller meals and portions I won’t be tempted to overeat and stretch out my stomach.


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