Some things I’ve learned

It’s day seven of the eleven on my pre-op diet. So far I haven’t had any longings for regular chewable food. I made chicken and rice for my husband and son tonight. My husband said he felt a little guilty eating in front of me but I didn’t  mind,  I didn’want it and told him so.

I mentioned my liquid diet at work today, our boss brought donuts, cokes, lunch meat for sandwiches, chips and there were cookies and she told us to chow down. I mentioned I couldn’t and she insisted until I explained I was on a pre-op diet. Most of them thought I could eat what I wanted til surgery but I said no, but go ahead and enjoy. I’ve learned I can be around food and the cooking smells without feeling tempted, This surprised me because in the past I’d feel deprived and after a little while figure “what the heck” and eat with everybody else.  But this time it’s different,  I still get hungry but none of this stuff appeals to me.  I also know if I eat anything solid it will mean no surgery.

One of the things the books and websites have recommended to help with having smaller portions is using child-size spoons and forks. So I bought some and I’m using the tiny spoons. The forks will come later, when I get to solids. I found these in the $1 bins at Target, my favorite part of the store and a potential danger. I always stop there, spend way too long looking at the stuff  and always leave with something whether I need it or not.  I eat my pudding and applesauce with nothing else now.

my special designer bariatric spoons

regular teaspoon vs. toddler spoon

I’ve also learned that no matter how long you stir Carnation Breakfast Essentials (sugar-free) into your soy milk there will be chocolate dregs at the bottom of your cup.


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