halfway there

We got the good news my sister is expecting a boy. She and the baby are doing fine and I’m already planning to be the weird subversive aunt, the one who gives him books, takes him to museums and lets him have ice cream (or frozen yogurt) for dinner.  I won’t take the kid to Disneyworld, but maybe to Gathering of Nations.

I’m on day five of the pre-op diet and exactly one week away from surgery. Yesterday I went to the hospital and had bloodwork done then took a short tour. I saw outpatient, where I’ll go after checking in, and the floor where I’ll be staying. I’ll be staying there on Tuesday too, to have an IVC filter installed and then recover from that.

I’m just following the pre-op diet, recording what I eat, the calories and carbs. I’m doing my usual thing: laundry, going to yoga, work and my online coursera class.  I had to go to the store last night for extras, my son had food poisoning, probably from a Chinese buffet. He’s been taking Pepto, sleeping when he can and has found jell-o, gatorade and Carnation breakfast stays down and soothes his stomach. He’s going to try to eat solids tomorrow, he feels better and hungry but is not sure he’s ready for anything more substantial. We’re going to try a little diluted chicken broth today.

I hope to walk today. The only thing I have left to do, besides following the diet and taking my meds, is call the bank on Friday. It’s to insure the pre-payment I make on Monday, for Tuesday’s IVC filter, goes through.  I’ll probably pack about that time too. I even bought a bathrobe for the occasion, at Goodwill. It didn’t have a belt so I bought some satin ribbon at Hobby Lobby and voila, instant cheap belt.  Took this photo in my son’s bathroom since the lighting is better. I need to clean that counter.  I’d like to say I feel like Gloria Swanson in it but in reality I’m more Peggy Bundy.

For those who wonder who the heck was Gloria Swanson. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gloria_Swanson

I may be pushing it but if I feel up to it I’d like to do this race. It’s 3 weeks after surgery.  The shirt looks great.                                  https://earlysignup.com/zombie5k


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