I started the 10 day pre-op diet one day early. I was ready and saw no reason to wait so I’m on day two now. So far I’ve learned a few things. First, a liquid/near liquid diet means going to the bathroom a lot and loose, runny bowels. I walked at the lake yesterday and stopped 2 times for bathroom breaks. I also walked an extra half mile, because they mowed and I didn’t recognize my usual stopping place. I’d like to say it was to challenge myself and push myself further but it was just confusion.

So far I feel OK, I’m taking my meds and even though my moon started I haven’t had any difficulty. I’ve been a little hungry but that’s because I went too long between meals and snacks. Since they were all liquid I finished them quickly. Crystal Light is my new best friend, with low cal Gatorade my next best.

The second thing I’ve learned is it’s not as easy to take in all my calories and carbs. I was surprised to find at the end of the day I was about 200 calories short and could have had another 10-15 carbs. Today I was still under 1,000 calories but took in 151 grams of carbs, 1 gram over the limit.

Tomorrow I pre-pay for my surgery and Wednesday I have pre-op tests. I’ve still not heard from the cardiologist’s office about scheduling me for the IVC filter. I’ll call them Thursday if I haven’t heard from them.

I’m mentally packing for surgery, I bought travel size toiletries and started shopping for a case.  I had looked at Target, Wal-Mart and Goodwill but none of them had anything I could use. Everything was either too big, bulky, expensive or I didn’t like the design.  When I came home I noticed this little portable case that came with one of my suitcases. It was folded in the closet and I shook it out. I saw an old hair-tie and some dusty looking Q-tips in one pocket, I don’t travel very often. After I tossed the Q-tips and looked at it I realized this was what I wanted. It folds flat, is a sleek black and even has a hanger at the top for convenience. Until now I considered it superfluous and rarely used it, leaving it out to make room for more clothes. Now I’m glad I have it.


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