getting there

I had two setbacks, on Friday my blood sugar dropped and I nearly passed out.  Fortunately I was with a dear friend who got me some chocolate and who looked after me, making sure I got something to eat and waited until I was able to drive. This was my fault, I went too long without eating even though I knew better. On Saturday the opposite happened, my sugar went too high and my high blood pressure flared up too.  I nearly drove myself to hospital, spent 4 hours there only to learn I should give up cottage cheese and start taking my meds again, some of which had run out and had no refills left. But that has passed, I’m back on the drugs and I’m already feeling better. So far three nights in a row without getting sick (go me!).

Today I had an appt. with my surgeon and dreaded mentioning the episodes on Friday and Saturday, worried that it might affect my surgery. I was relieved that it didn’t. The surgeon wasn’t concerned about it, he only said to stay on my meds and eat regularly. According to my file I’ve gone through all the tests and met all the requirements, my surgery is a go. I have another appointment and the pre-op class in 2 weeks. The class will describe what to expect and how to prepare for the surgery. The appointment is the “scary” one where my surgeon tells me what all can go wrong and essentially tries to talk me out of it. It’s like a line drawn in the sand, I choose whether or not to cross it and once I do that’s it. My surgeon suggested I buy a copy of Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies as a primer and I went to BN and bought it. Most of it is stuff I’ve already read about and knew from websites and other books but there are some good recipes in it.

I’m also getting back into the habit of exercising, something I’ve blown off because of work and scheduling. I went to yoga tonight for the first time in 2 weeks and it felt good. I hope to start walking again and may drag my son along, he could use the exercise too.  I noticed my tight jeans actually fit when I put them on today but figured it was simply that I wasn’t bloated since my moon has passed.  When I went to my appointment they weighed me and I was surprised to find I lost 5 pounds. So being sick this weekend had at least one positive side effect.


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