I Know You Want Me–Pitbull

See the girl in the green dress? Look quick. I want to rock that dress.

I have my surgery date at last. October 11. It’s exciting and disappointing at the same tine. Exciting because it’s proof I’ve successfully gone through all the tests and steps for approval, that it is going to happen. Disappointed because I want it now and I have to wait a little longer, but the doctor is scheduled until then and I just have to suck it up. But excited is ahead of disappointed, it also gives me time to take off work and take care of pre-op details as well as think about what my life will be like after the surgery. I know it means I’ll be the first one finished at Thanksgiving and I’ll be having applesauce while everyone else is digging into ham. This doesn’t bother me, which is a surprise but I hope an indication that I’m mentally ready for this. I do plan to have a couple of Sonic Diet Cherry Limeades before surgery, while I still can.

I know having realistic goals is another part of preparing for the aftermath of surgery. I’m already thinking about that. After I get to and stabilize myself at a healthy weight I want to rock the green dress the girl in this video is wearing. I know I won’t look as good as this, I didn’t look this good 25 yrs ago and nearly 50 yr old boobs are not going to be this perky, no way. Not without serious undergarments or surgery, But I want to be able to put on something similar to this and say “wow, I look GOOD.”  I want to see myself as able to wear clothes like this and look good in them. Even if I never leave the dressing room.


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