I walked the lake this morning. It was the first time I’d done the full 4 miles in about 6 weeks and I felt it. It was. it is hot in the 90’s and I smeared on sunscreen but sweated it all off. I finished my walk but had t stop and rest twice for a couple of minutes. I walked slower, this wasn’t about speed but just finishing. I was surprised it only took me an extra 10 minutes longer than my usual time, which made me feel good.

I was never in really good condition but I could walk 4 miles at a brisk pace without getting winded and was starting to go from walking to running. I was gaining flexibility from yoga too, not much but it felt good. That was nearly 2 months ago, before I started getting more hours at work and the weather got and stayed hot. So I know I can do this, but it will take a little time. I felt my thigh muscles working, when I sat i felt the stretch and a little ache but it was a good feeling. It means my muscles are still there, a little stunned and angry perhaps, but still there. I hope my butt feels it too, it’s loose and I hate that.

There were hardly any people out there, which was nice but I can understand why too. When I finished my legs felt like someone did the jelly leg curse on me but it passed quickly. I had to put gas in the car and got myself a liter of water and a bottle of apple juice. I’ve nearly emptied the water and I scarfed down almost half of the juice. It was in the 90’s, with a little wind blowing how and then but overall hot. The breeze coming off the water felt cool and comforting but there wasn’t much of it, I did walk near but not in some sprinklers near one of the lakeside restaurants. I even prayed  “Lord, please let me make it.” As I said it was hot. The walk took me an hour and forty minutes.  I am glad I finished, glad that I can still do 4 miles even if I had to stop along the way. It tells me I can start again, get to the place I was before and continue on as well.

I’ve been taking a supplement to lover blood sugar, as well as my regular meds. I hope the next time I have my A1C checked it will be low enough for the surgery. I’m tired of being disappointed, of being delayed. I hope that after the surgery, once I am cleared by my surgeon, I can start walking again and maybe add strength training to my routine.


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