encore un fois (one more time)

encore un fois

I took another blood test this morning, to see what my A1C is and if it’s gone down since last month. I hope so, I hope I can get approval from my GPs and the bariatric surgeon. I hope, I hope.

I’ve been taking the Byetta, shooting myself in the stomach twice a day, for nearly 2 months now. I’ve been taking my meds and trying to watch my carbs (well, more or less). I asked the lab tech how long before I can learn my results and she said I could call my doctor in two days. They should be there by then and I will know if I can go about getting permission and scheduling my surgery or if I’ll have to wait another month. Or longer.

I am not a patient person by nature. When something I really want is deliberately withheld from me I get antsy, irritated and a little obsessive. As an only child for 15 yrs I got used to near instant gratification and having my own way. I still like both things, to be honest. Patience, while a virtue, is also a heckuva burden.


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