Yoga class (and some ways men are better than women)

I went to yoga class for the first time in over a month.  Soon as I walked in I realized how much I’ve missed it. Work has kept me from coming , Jerry’s schedule and my own laziness played a part too. It was a small class, only one other woman came and she has spine and back issues so our teacher took it slow and easy with us. Not to say we didn’t stretch ourselves a little further and try harder but she was gentle and encouraging as she adjusted our bodies along. I feel better, more relaxed and almost good enough to go clean the bathrooms, which really need it.

The biggest surprise was MY KNEES DON”T HURT GOING UP STAIRS ANYMORE! I held onto the railing and prepared myself for that sharp little twinge in my left knee but it didn’t come. The next step and so forth, same thing. I have lost only 11 pounds but even that was enough to make a difference and I am excited. Happy, excited and surprised. I didn’t push my suerte, I still used a blanket under my knees during class.

The other advantage to going is that it relaxes me and invigorates me at the same time. Difficult to explain unless you’ve been stretching and balancing in a warm room for an hour to some dude chanting and singing in a language you don’t speak. I needed this because there has been drama at work, it’s girly drama. I’ve tried to stay out of it but found myself sucked in as well. Why I don’t like my sex; girls are too gossip-y, will lie and say stuff behind your back without shame and take offense when none is given. If you don’t join in the gossip fest or trash someone else they think there’s something wrong with you. Why I prefer the company of men (besides the fact I like being around testosterone); they will tell you if they have a problem with you and fight it out face to face. There’s posturing and tough talking but after the preliminaries they solve the issue and you know where you stand.  Men are more loyal, they will defend their friends/teammates even if they know they are going to lose. Women, no, except in rare cases,will do the same.   Men are more willing to negotiate, women tend to see things as yes or no with little room in between. Men are more fun to look at too. Some men more than others.

I’m still hoping I can bring my A1C down enough by the first of the month. I hope I can so I can get approval from my doctors and we can schedule my bypass. It was disheartening to be denied and irritating to find out my A1C actually went up instead. I even lit a candle at church and will light another this week too. We’re supposed to meet our new priest this week too, there’s a potluck after Mass but I have to work so I can’t go. My son has called from his internship, he’s enjoying himself. He’s handled various documents, including furniture and settled in to his apartment.  He was glad to hear we got the car back from the garage. We’re still not finished with the wreck; the rental company said I was still responsible for the insurance on the car and 2nd driver. I had to pay *gulp* $500 before I could turn in the car but called the insurance co. soon as I got home. My agent had to fax them a copy of my policy and he assured me they (the other insurance co.) should pay up. I hope to reimbursed soon. That’s a chunk of change and I want it back.


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