Bypass update (rats)

I got the results of my A1C. It’s up to 8 point freakin 5. So my surgery is delayed again and I am pissed. Partly because I don’t know who to be mad at–myself, the people who make  Byetta, God or the lab techs. I know that none of these are responsible though Byetta is a good scapegoat and I don’t like shooting myself in the stomach twice a day.

I’ve been following the soft mostly dairy 10 day pre-op diet and after I got the lousy news I left the doctor’s office and went straight to Chik-fil-A. It is part emotional eating (not healthy, I know) and partly because I was hungry. If I can have real food I’m having real food. Dammit.

I’m finishing the chicken nuggets and waffle fries (oh, I’ve missed you, grease and carbs even though I can feel the grease coating my tongue now) before I go to work. I hope I can have the surgery next month, that if I lose a little more weight, keeping taking the #$%&* Byetta and workout more I can bring my A1C down enough to get approved.

Before the lousy news about my A1C I had another lousy experience, probably the most embarrassing incident in my adult life. I crapped my pants. Literally. I had left Kinko’s and felt that urge to go. Now. I pulled into an OnCue and soon as I got out of the car it happened, I didn’t even make it to the bathroom. I managed to get myself inside and to a stall and finished what I started but yuck. I got up and went home and changed clothes, I had to tell Jerry what happened since he came out to see what I was doing home. I also learned that wearing light colored pants is a bad idea too. I’m wearing one of my many pairs of black pants now and doubt I’ll repeat the incident since I emptied my bladder and am eating solid food now. But when I go back to the 10 day diet I will be sure to always be within running distance of a bathroom an hour after meals and snacks. Always.


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