Pre-op diet (fingers crossed)


I walked for the first time in almost 2 weeks and took this picture of one of the feral cats that live at the lake. There’s a group of people who feed and water them, I don’t think it’s an actual formal group, just people who have compassion for animals. I left some kitty food in one of the bowls once but my own cat was displeased that I took his food so I’ve not done it since.

I’ve started the 10 day pre-op “soft” diet. I haven’t been cleared for surgery, this is just hopeful anticipation but I hope to be cleared by the end of week. I re-took the A1C blood test on Friday and the results haven’t come in yet, according to my doctor’s office. I’m hoping my numbers are better this time around and I can get cleared for bypass surgery. I have to convince my regular doctors to approve the surgery and that may be the biggest hurdle: getting ahold of them, getting them to review my test results and (most of all) getting them to write the actual approval letters. It may be way too optimistic but I hope to have my surgery on the 14th, next Thursday. My doctor leaves for vacation the next week.

I bought the groceries for the 10 day diet, Atkins Advantage shakes, sugar-free jell-o and pudding, soup, lots of soup and cottage cheese. the first day was OK, I followed the sample diet plan in my bariatric notebook and didn’t feel hungry more than usual. I also drank a lot of water and that probably helped.

Today is day two and I wanted “real” food, stuff I could bite into and chew. It didn’t help that there were cookies and chips in the breakroom at work, it was for the teen volunteers for summer reading but everyone else ate too. I drank my Atkins shake and ate my jell-o but really wanted those cookies. The feeling eventually passed but it probably helped that I finished my shake outside the door, with my back to the snacks on the table.

I stopped at the store after walking for more soy milk. Doing the pre-op diet is not fun if you are lactose-intolerant. I was gassy yesterday and today I planned and took Beano. Some of the stuff is good, like the banana fudge sugar-free pudding. I LOVE this stuff, only thing is by the time I start enjoying it I’ve finished the little cup and start scraping the edges. The Atkins shakes are good and the Carnation breakfast essentials are sweet. I had some V-8 because the sweetness started to get to be too much, I am not much of a sweet eater, I’m more a carb fiend. It was a good alternative to all the dairy too.

I’m hoping the test results come in tomorrow. I work late and if so I am all over that.

In the last month I’ve lost 10 pounds, due to Byetta. I was hovering between sizes and now I am the smaller size. For the first time in more than 20 years, no lie. I ordered a skirt from Old Navy, not from the Plus Size line but the regular sizes. It arrived yesterday and to my great shock and glee, it fit. I’m looking forward to buying clothes in smaller sizes. My plan is to hit thrift stores, the Old Navy skirt was an exception, because I don’t want to spend a lot on clothes I’ll only wear for awhile before I’m in a smaller size. That’s the hope.


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