Updates and miscellaneous

Since my last post I’ve done a sleep study and had an EGD. The sleep study was odd and in my opinion unnecessary since I don’t have any sleep issues like apnea or insomnia. It was not painful but it was uncomfortable since I was hooked up to several sensors and wires from my legs to my head, even to my scalp. I had to slip a band around my chest and stomach to monitor movement and had a plug in my nose to measure my oxygen intake. All while sleeping in a strange bed in a lab in a shopping center and knowing I was being observed. The most difficult part was getting my financial info for the office since I left the checkbook at home and brought only my debit card. It was a pain getting the ultrasound goo from the sensors out of my hair too.

The EGD was not painful, thanks to the anesthetist as I was knocked out for the procedure. I wasn’t on the outpatient dept. list even though my doctor’s staff assured me I was the day before. They managed to fit me into his schedule, he even came to outpatient to verify I was his patient and call his office. We sat in outpatient for about 2 hours.  I was a little concerned I might not have my procedure but I was eventually led to the pre-op area and given a gown and blanket to cover myself. Jerry came along, he took my shirt, shoes and purse. I was glad to learn I could keep on my bra, I am modest and I didn’t want to flash the doctor or anyone else in the room. They had troubles of their own.  It was over in about an hour and I woke up in recovery. A nurse asked if I wanted a Diet Coke and I said yes. She brought me some graham crackers as well and I scarfed them down. I hadn’t eaten since 9pm the night before and it was noon.  Jerry drove me home and we had Chinese takeout then I fell asleep for 3 hours.  Some people have sore throats and pain afterward but I didn’t.

I go back on Friday to re-check my A1C. I’ll do it while Jerry is in Wound Care. I hope I’ve lowered it enough in a month and I can get cleared for surgery. I’ve been taking the Byetta (which would be a great name for a blues singer, Byetta James) , taking the meds and trying to watch the carbs, doing the right things. I’ve also lost 7 pounds (woo-hoo) and my jeans are getting loose. I also renewed my drivers license and put my real (within 10 pounds) weight on it.

My car is still waiting for repair. The insurance company has not settled yet, they are still waiting to hear from the other driver, the guy who hit me, their client.  If he doesn’t call (and as of Friday he hadn’t) they will determine liability on Wednesday. I think, I hope they accept liability, pay for the repairs to my poor little car and reimburse me in full for the rental car I’ve been paying for 3 weeks. I really want to be reimbursed for the rental car, it’s bloody expensive. It’s a nice car, a Hyundai Elantra with mp3 player but I want my old car back. I’ve also forced myself to drive the stretch of the parkway where I was hit. I do it, at least during the day but at night, no. I’m still a little anxious about it and prefer to take the expressway which is well lit and has stoplights along the way which keeps cars from doing 70-80+ like the parkway. Sometimes I feel nervous driving at night, especially on the highway. I drove from Norman to home, about 30 miles, on Friday and felt a little scared but it finally passed. I’m not giving into irrational fear.

Right now I’m hoping I can have my surgery on the 14th, Flag Day. My son will be in Iowa for his internship by then, we’ll have seen him off and he’ll be settling in. My boss at the store will be back from her vacation and my friend at the library may be back to full-time by then too, she’s half-time now.  I’ll have time to arrange other things; my time off from both jobs, groceries, transportation and several books to read while I’m convalescing.

I know the operation will cause changes in my body and I’m trying to anticipate those. I know a great deal will change in the ways I do things–cook, eat and in my overall health. There are other changes coming as well, my son graduates this summer and he’s talking about moving, if he finds a job that requires him to relocate. He’s hoping he does, he, like me when I was younger and more optimistic, wants to get out of Oklahoma and see the world. He’s been to Mexico and Italy, he’s seen the airports in Amsterdam and Paris and wants more.  His immediate goal, after graduating, is to find a job, preferably in archives or a library, somewhere, anywhere but here or Arizona. Arizona because of their laws targeting POCs. I’m hoping he does, that he can do all that he dreams of even while I want him to stay close to home.  There’s another profound change I’m thinking about, something I’m afraid to consider because just the thought is dangerous.  But it’s there, on my mind and I know I can’t, if it is right it will happen in time and I have to be patient and wait and see. 

Take a deep breath

If I thought I’d be having my gastric bypass two weeks from now I was sorely mistaken. I was all gung-ho and psyched to do this thing when I hit 2 roadblocks–my new GP and my A1C. New GP was assigned to me and I made an appt. to see her and get the approval letter I needed. She said was skeptical at first, thought I should try the old diet and exercise method again but said she wanted to see the results of my labs and stress test. Then she said even if she was OK with the idea she wasn’t going to be on staff for much longer so she couldn’t sign anything that said she’s continue to treat me.  My A1C was higher this time too and that was the second reason she said no.

My bariatric doctor started me on a new, expensive med, Byetta. It’s not a pill, I have to give myself an injection twice a day and continue to take Metformin. I go back the first of next month and see if my A1C is a 7 or better, my labs said I’m currently an 8. The dr. did say she’d OK me for the operation if my A1C was better but she’s still not saying she’ll treat me after surgery; I’ll need another letter from another staff doctor. I’m hoping I can get approved and have my surgery next month.

Last Wednesday my son and I were hit on the highway. He and I survived, we weren’t injured and I am thankful for this, especially since his graduation is this weekend and he might not have lived to see it. We were hit hard and our car was literally stuck in the middle of the road, lights but no power,with cars coming behind us at 70-80 mph on a road without overhead streetlights. The damage is on the right side, the bumper is about to fall off and I’ve been talking to various insurance people. I’m waiting to hear if the other driver’s insurance company is accepting liability, which I hope they do. Would make my life a little easier. I’m still a little shaky when I think what could have happened to us.