Weight loss/bypass update

I had a round of tests today and a chest x-ray. Jerry came along for the ride and most of it went down before he had to go to Wound Care in another part of the hospital.

I was on time and everything was going great until I couldn’t find my debit card and had to tell the radiology folks”hang on.” I looked in my purse, then went to check the car and when that turned up nothing I ended up going home and banging on the front door to wake up Bear. Found the card in the pocket of my jeans, even though I swore I put it back in my wallet. Got my x-ray with no trouble, only had to take off my bra but kept on my t-shirt.

The psych evaluation worried me a little but was very laid back. The psychiatrist asked why I’m doing this and I mentioned the 95% diabetes remission rate. We chatted about what to expect and how to deal with it. He recommended I take a Zumba class, then told me I wasn’t crazy (always good to hear and from a professional too) and let me go.  The stress test was more stressful. I had to take off my t-shirt so she could put the leads on me. I sat in a cold exam room in my bra and breathed into a tube with a clip on my nose then did the same thing on an exercise bike. Strangely enough I was somewhat encouraged by this, the tech had to increase the resistance on the bike to get my heart rate higher. I went from a 30 up to 135, not sure what these numbers mean but it was funny to see her looking at the screen and at me and having to keep adjusting it  She’s part of the reason my tests took longer. We got there at 8am as scheduled but the office was dark and empty so I went to have my x-ray downstairs and then came back later. The tech said she was there but when I mentioned it was dark and I didn’t see anyone there she chirped “Oh, I guess I turned on the wrong light.” Yeah, you did. I told the receptionist and she didn’t look too surprised when I told her about it.

I had my first setback yesterday. I went to the ndn clinic to see about getting an approval letter from my doctor only to find out they changed my doctor. I went there last month and I asked if they could use the results from that exam for the letter but the new doctor said through her nurse she wanted to see me instead. I called this morning and explained it again to the nurse and begged for an appt. soon as possible.  She scheduled me for next Thursday at 8:30 and I thanked her.

So I have appts. 3 days next week,. to make it four I  made an appt. for a pedicure. It’s my first time to have a professional pedicure and since I’m doing all this other life-changing stuff I might as well do this too.

The only thing I”m apprehensive about, pre-surgery, is telling people. So far I’ve told my husband and son, one friend and one co-worker, all in person. I also mentioned it on another blog but that has a whole 5-6 readers. I’m apprehensive because I don’t know how my sisters and other family and friends will react. I think most of them will be supportive and a little curious but there will be a couple who will not approve or try to discourage me. I’ve got one blog friend who is worried for my health and thinks it’s a mistake. She has a sister who had the surgery 20 yrs ago and it did not go well. So I’m preparing to have others say the same. The psychiatrist said to tell them “you don’t have to understand, you don’t have to agree” and let it go. That these relationships may change but most of the time it’s OK, after awhile. That’s what I’m hoping for.

Now I have to get ready for work and put in my contacts.


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