Semi-positive thoughts

I’ve got a job. It’s part-time and as I feared, Retail Hell. I’ll be working part-time in a Hallmark store. Not my first choice and not what I wanted but it is a job and I am grateful. I’m working toward thankful. I start in about 2 weeks, but may start earlier depending on how the schedule and staffing works out.  My new boss hired another woman and the plan is she’ll start training next week and I’ll start the week after. I just need to go pick up the paperwork and turn it in.

I’m also volunteering at a county library 2 days a week. Ironically I started this because I was bored, had nothing to do and hoped it might help me eventually get hired there.  The job will work around those hours.  I admit I like the volunteer gig, it’s a small library, small staff and I find that those old tasks I remembered are still the same. So far, anyway.

The 5K is Sunday. I’m looking forward to and dreading it at the same time. It’s a small race, I know I can do it and even walked the route last week. I look forward to proving I can do this thing, that I get a t-shirt out of it and that my sister and her boyfriend decided to go to Sea World instead. I still have to pick up their packets, even if they don’t run they want their t-shirts. I like the sense of camaraderie from being in a group of people at the start of the race, even if I know most of them are going to be leaving me in the dust. I like doing this because I know people my age who can’t do this, for health reasons, and somehow I still can. I like the way it feels when I finish and cross that line, to know I did it. However long it takes. This particular race is the day after my 47th birthday. I am an old broad and I try not to feel too badly when I see people 20 yrs younger than me pass me by. I still feel a little irritated and embarrassed when I see someone my age or older do it though.

The race is the day after my birthday. I plan to be in yoga class on my birthday and then go eat wild onions cooked with scrambled eggs. Last year I could have easily imagined myself having wild onions, with frybread and banaha (lye-free) but the yoga class? A new development, it makes me wonder what I’ll be doing next year. The only hope is that I’ll still have wild onions to look forward to on my birthday.


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