Saturday I went walking at the lake, power walking really, I only did 2 miles, sweated but only broke a real sweat when I stopped. For once I felt it in my butt and in my thighs, something I haven’t experienced on the treadmill at increased speeds or distance. I was moving pretty quickly there and feeling  good about it.

The next day I felt it, my thighs were sore and kneeling during Mass was painful. I think I even groaned a little when I got back up.  My butt, fortunately, was fine. It’s Tuesday now and I can still feel a little soreness, my left knee, the bane of my existence, is hurting too. Needless to say I haven’t been back to the lake or the gym. I even missed yoga tonight, I was running late and my subconscious may have had something to do with it.

I’m not used to aching a day or three later. In the beginning I did, I took an Advil if it persisted but kept going, working through the soreness. Now, after 2 years I’m aching again and not as motivated as I once was.


I did the yoga video above, I rented it from the library and even though it was less than an hour it kicked my butt. I’m a novice to yoga, been doing it only a few weeks and still learning the various poses.There were a few I couldn’t do, like going from a lunge into warrior I. My left knee mostly but it seems I’m not always as strong as I think I am.  The video is good, though I wish they showed the poses from the sides and back more so I could be sure I was doing it right.

I could have gone to the gym tonight, I had time. But I didn’t, I told myself I needed to get home but I could have done at least a half hour before I had to be back. I didn’t, my aching legs and my empty stomach told me to go home so I did.

I might ache a little tomorrow too. Perhaps from this video. Yet I intend to hit the gym. I’ll have time and I know I need to go back,. I’d say I’ll go back to the lake but that doesn’t always work. I like the gym because there’s TV ,bathrooms and the treadmill tells me how fast and far I’ve gone and how many calories I’ve burned. There’s something more official sounding about going to the gym instead of the lake. Going to the lake sounds like i’m going to hang out and drink beer.

I’ve been trying to increase my endurance, I want to do a 10K next month. I believe I can, but I’ll probably be walking part if not most of it. I’ve done 2 5Ks, but I walked both of those. My goal is to run, if not run then jog the race not just walk. Finishing is the real goal but how I get there is the secondary goal. I just forgot that something it hurts a little to push yourself a little harder, a little longer.


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