Change is good…sometimes

I wanted dark red hair, a deep rich burgundy that defies nature. So I bought 2 boxes of hair color and dyed my hair last night. My natural hair color is a dark brown but its accurate description is Clariol dark brown. So I did it, covered myself in dye the color of Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper and waited to be wonderfully transformed.

What happened was not what was on the box. I expected a deep dark red from top to bottom. What I got was red on top and brown on bottom. The deep dark red I hoped for was red that looked purple under bright lights. It was a great color and I was pleased until I noticed the bottom half of my hair hadn’t changed. Even with extra dye, with trying to saturate my hair throughout and waiting an extra five minutes it stayed Clairol dark brown.

I didn’t even have streaks I could try to pass off as highlights, the red was in clumps and ended midway through my hair. The dark brown refused to change, it hung there in defiance. I read the directions again then today called their hotline. Hotline operator told me I would have to re-dye my hair, using the dark brown, if I wanted to even out the color. I had bought another box of dark red hoping I could make my hair obey my whims but she said it wouldn’t work best to go back to your old color. Just wait 48 hours before dyeing your hair again.

So I have another day with a two tone head. I could try again for red hair but the hotline operator said if I did I would need the services of a Professional. She meant a hairdresser not a psychiatrist, I presume. My dream of dark red hair is over. I wanted a change and I got it even though it wasn’t the change I wanted. Tomorrow night I’ll apply my usual shade to the roots and top and will speak of this no more.

I was despondent over my failure to override nature and old hair dye until I saw this. Now I don’t feel so badly. I don’t plan to change my hair color again. Ever.


2 thoughts on “Change is good…sometimes

  1. If you have anything but blond hair, you need to bleach it to lighten your hair colour before dyeing it. Sometimes dark hair can be susceptible to dyeing without bleaching first, but it’s not common, just likely that it is lighter/thinner. It’s too bad that you’re giving up on dyeing from an experience with self-bought kits… 😦

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