slow news day

That’s what it feels like today. First up, Catholics in the news! Woo!

I saw this on the news and went to see the rest of it at youtube. It’s great, it’s bound to be on tonight’s Daily Show and my slightly cynical side says that’s its intended purpose. Still, I enjoyed it and wish I could vote for this guy but alas, he lives in Illinois. I do not.

I was greatly distressed that The Colbert Report has been suspended. At first there was no reason and there was speculation he finally pissed off the wrong people and they pressured Viacom to shut him down. Then there was an update, saying there was a family emergency, his mother is sick. Which is more distressing, but I wish the Colbert family well.

I heard this on the radio and it made my day. Increased tolerance and understanding is a good thing , slow but positive change is encouraging to see in this world. It’s not exactly a new phenomenon, the first interracial marriage I can recall was Othello and Desdemona, granted not a happy example but you have to start somewhere. My only gripe is “other combinations.” Being a part of one of those “other combinations” may be why. Although in this state the most common example of interracial marriage is probably the “other combination” of Native and white/caucasian (Can a color be a race?) but it is so prevalent I doubt few people even notice it any more. Changing negative opinions toward gay marriage may also be a trend, at least somewhere besides the state where I live but we can continue to hope for change, for increased tolerance and compassion. Like Gutierrez I’m a Catholic who is OK with birth control and like many other Catholics, I don’t agree with the Church’s stance against gay marriage.  I hope to see more acceptance and inclusion and less judgement and condemnation.


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